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SoundStudio's logo.
Players 1
Minigame Location Night Club
Main Stage, Ship's Buffet (during the Music Jam 2014)
Igloo (if the player has the SoundStudio Booth)
Date released July 17, 2014
Stamps awarded No
Not to be confused with an app for mobile devices.

SoundStudio is a minigame for Club Penguin. It replaced DJ3K in the Night Club on July 17, 2014. Members can save up to 3 minutes of music with SoundStudio and will be able to play their music in the Night Club. It was released on February 26, 2015 as an app for iOS and Android mobiles.


SoundStudio was first hinted at by Polo Field on his official Twitter account. It was confirmed as a replacement for DJ3K in the June edition of the Club Penguin Magazine. A video made exclusive for bloggers made by Polo Field that featured gameplay of SoundStudio. SoundStudio was released on July 17, 2014 and replaced DJ3K.


The gameplay of SoundStudio is similar to that of its predecessor, but features some differences. Players will be able to choose between five genres (Pop, Rock, Dance, Dubstep and Spooky) and all players will have access to each genre. However, only members will be able to save and share their mixes in the Night Club.

Once a genre is selected by the player, they can begin clicking on different music loops (similar to DJ3K) and one-shots. If the player is a member, will be able to record their creations, up to a maximum of three minutes.



Sneak Peeks[edit]



  • The game was originally supposed to release on July 10, however it was pushed to the 17th because the team needed more time to further develop the game.
  • Members will be able to save and share their mixes in the Night Club.
  • Members can purchase the SoundStudio Booth for their igloos and mix music there as well.
  • It's the second online Club Penguin minigame to have a separate app instead of being part of the Club Penguin app. The first was Puffle Launch.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese SoundStudio
French StudioMix
Spanish SuperDJ
German Tonstudio
Russian Студия звукозаписи