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Puffle Launch

The logo of Puffle Launch
Players 1
Minigame Location Pet Shop
Date released March 14, 2011
Stamps awarded Yes (12)
For the iOS and Android app, see Puffle Launch (application)

Puffle Launch is a Club Penguin mini-game that was released in March 2011.[1] It deals with puffles. Construction began March 8 and was completed March 14. You can choose any of your puffles to play in the game. If you don't have a puffle, then you'll play with a Red Puffle. If you build a Puffle Cannon or an Epic Cannon, then you can use it to play Puffle Launch from your igloo.

A Puffle Launch version for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is available on the iTunes store as of September 15, 2011.[2]


In Puffle Launch, you can play with any puffle. You have to launch your puffle through cannons, collect as many Puffle O's as possible and reach the flaming circle, the finish line. If your puffle falls in the water, you'll have to start the level all over again, or start from the last checkpoint. The cannons rotate and you have to choose which angle is right. There are obstacles such as pianos and cacti. There are balloons which help you to bounce, to either reach some Puffle O's or cannons. There are checkpoint cannons in the later levels. If your puffle falls in the water, you will restart from the last checkpoint cannon, if you launched your puffle through it.

There are crabs in the game that appear as bosses. Some appear with magnets trying to attract Puffle O's so you can't get them.


As you progress through the game, you will unlock many things.

  • Collect a certain amount of O berries to build a Puffle Cannon and unlock Epic Cannon progress.
  • Collect all O berries in the game to build the Epic Cannon and unlock time trials.
  • Get a time of below 18 minutes for all 36 levels to unlock turbo mode. Turbo mode is a sped-up version of Puffle Launch.
  • Finish all levels in turbo mode to complete the game and unlock "slow motion". With the slow motion feature, you can press the A button to go in slow motion anytime, without any limit to how much you can do.

Types of cannons in the game[edit]

  • Blue cannons - They don't move. They automatically shoot the puffle.
  • Green cannons - They move by themselves. You have to choose the direction you want to shoot your puffle.
  • Red cannons - They move a whole 360 degree angle. Again, you have to choose which angle is right.
  • Purple cannons - You can choose the angle you want and don't need to wait for the cannon to move itself to your desired direction.
  • White cannons - You can choose when to fire and the time slows down to give you a chance to get around obstacles. This is available only in the Box Dimension levels.
  • Checkpoint cannons - If your puffle is shot through this cannon and falls to the bottom of the screen, you will restart from this point, hence the name "Checkpoint Cannon".

Other items and obstacles[edit]

  • O' Berries - You have to collect these to build a Puffle Cannon and Super Puffle Cannon.
  • Exploding Ball - When you jump on it, it lets out fireworks and blasts your puffle higher.
  • Box - Many different boxes appear in the Box Dimension levels. Some contain house plants. Some are teleporters.
  • Balloon - Balloons help you get to different areas. There are green and pink balloons. Green balloons are more bouncy.
  • Piano - A giant obstacle. It helps you bounce high when you hit it. It is replaced by the anvil in Soda Sunset.
  • Anvil - Another giant obstacle replacing the piano. It acts in exactly the same way as the piano. A crab boss uses one.
  • Cactus - A small obstacle. When you hit it your puffle bounces away from it.
  • Ring of Fire - When your puffle hits it, the level is finished. Sometimes bosses will steal the ring of fire.


Blue Sky[edit]


In these levels there are obstacles such as pianos and cacti and the sky is blue, as the name suggests. There are green balloons which help your puffle bounce high. It is free for anyone to play. The first 6 levels are available for free on the Puffle Launcher Lite version.

Soda Sunset[edit]

Puffle launch soda sunset.PNG

In these levels, your puffle is launched through orange skies and there are clouds which, when your puffle hits them, burst and sometimes reveal secrets. Along with green balloons, soda-filled balloons are there, which are heavier, thus making your puffle bounce less on them. Only members can access these levels after passing Blue Sky.

Box Dimension[edit]

In these levels, your puffle can bounce on shape-shifting boxes, gravity-changing boxes and many other types of boxes. Also, slow motion cannons are introduced in these levels. Only members can access these levels after passing Blue Sky and Soda Sunset.


Puffle Launch story starts when your about to feed your puffle an O-Berry but the Puffle Launch Crab stole it. Later your puffle moves on to the wilderness, it finds an O-berry bush but the Crab steals them all. The puffle goes to another area that looks like an O-berry bush but falls down to reveal the Plaza. Your puffle enters the Pet Shop to get food there but the Crab steals it all again. Your puffle gets mad and jumps into the cannon and fires out to get revenge.

iOS application[edit]

Main article: Puffle Launch (application)
The Club Penguin login screen.

The iPhone and iPod Touch application was first leaked out on the Community Blog on a photo of the Club Penguin calendar, stating it would be released on September 15, 2011. On September 6, a video of members of the Club Penguin team playing the application. 2 days later, September 8, an official trailer was released. An official subsite is online. It costs $0.99 in the US and Canada and it costs £0.69 in the UK.



Name Description
Begin Build stamp Collect your first cannon piece.


Name Description
Launch Ready stamp Build a cannon.
Crab Attack stamp Defeat a crab boss once.
Quick Launch stamp (members only) Complete all 36 levels under 35 minutes.
Turbo Time stamp (members only) Complete a level in turbo mode.


Name Description
Epic Cannon stamp (members only) Build the Epic Cannon.
Crab Crash stamp (members only) Defeat 3 crab bosses in a single play session.
Crab Battle stamp (members only) Defeat 6 crab bosses in a single play session.
Supersonic Launch stamp (members only) Complete all 36 levels under 25 minutes.
Turbo Battle stamp (members only) Defeat the crab in turbo mode.


Name Description
Light Speed Launch stamp (members only) Complete all 36 levels under 18 minutes.
Turbo Master stamp (members only) Complete all 36 levels in turbo mode.


There are 7 bosses in Puffle Launch. The first crab of each world is not a real boss because it is not necessary to defeat it to complete the level.

  • Crab (Blue Sky 1) - Hangs around the ring of fire trying to knock your Puffle away.
  • Crab (Blue Sky 2) - Steals the ring of fire so you can't finish the level.
  • Crab (Soda Sunset 1) - Uses a magnet to attract O berries so you can't collect them.
  • Crab (Soda Sunset 2) - Swings a giant anvil around pushing the balloons making it hard for your puffle to navigate.
  • Crab (Box Dimension 1) - Holds a Gravity Box that constantly changes the gravity of the level, making it harder for your puffle to stay on the right path.
  • Crab (Box Dimension 2) - Gathers a bunch of plants to protect it and make it hard for your puffle to reach it.
  • Box Dragon (Box Dimension Final Boss) - After taken over by the Crab, the Box Dragon gains fiery eyes and spits boxes that you must jump on to get to the Crab.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Lança Puffle
French Aéro Puffle
Spanish Puffle al viento
German Puffle-Flug
Russian Пафл лётчик



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