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A snowball.

In Club Penguin, you can throw snowballs. These are usually used in snowball fights, or when a penguin is annoyed or mad at someone. They are also used to "point" or show other penguins where an object is, such as a pin.

If you want to throw a snowball, click on the snowball button on the toolbar to the right of the chat bar.

Sometimes in rooms during parties (or some stage plays), snowballs are replaced by other objects. Snowballs are also used to power up machines, such as the Clock Tower, the Island Lifter 3000, the Snowball-Powered Electricity Generator, and the watering system at the Mine Shack.


  • If you throw a snowball in the Box Dimension it will bounce up and down in the air before it touches the ground.
  • The Underwater replaces the snowballs with bubbles.
  • The Recycling Plant replaces the snowballs with a variety of recyclable rubbish.
  • The Water Dojo replaces the snowballs with water balloons.
  • The Spa section in the Puffle Hotel Spa replaces snowballs with soap bubbles.


During April Fools Day 2009, the same thing was in the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout and Box Store.


  • When Rockhopper throws a Snowball, Yarr pulls out a mini-telescope.
  • Bouncer, the blue Elite Puffle, is specially trained to throw Snowballs.
  • If you press "T" and click on the spot you want to throw the Snowball, it would throw a Snowball.

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