Snow Suit

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The Snow Suit.

The Snow Suit is a set of clothing that signifies your progress towards becoming a Snow Ninja, very similar to the Card-Jitsu Belts, Fire Suit and Water Suit. All players are able to obtain the items by playing Card-Jitsu Snow.

How to obtain the Snow Suit[edit]

To earn the main items in the Snow Suit, you must play against snow minions in Card-Jitsu Snow to earn "points". Every time you have a certain amount of points, you will win an item for the suit (starting with the Glacial Sandals). After you obtain the last item (Blizzard Helmet), you can earn the Snow Gem For your Amulet. After that, you can defeat Tusk and become an official Snow Ninja.

To get the amulet you must go to the Dojo Exterior, where Sensei will give it to you for free. If you joined before the Card-Jitsu Party, you would've had to have been a member and purchased the amulet from the Martial Artworks catalog.


The following items are part of the normal Snow Suit.



  • Sensei's snow suit is different than the regular suit.