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The Snow Cat in a bottle.

The Snow Cat, also known as the Snow Trekker, is seen in Club Penguin inside a bottle, found in the Lighthouse. The Snow Cat was originally from Penguin Chat 3, in which you could drive it around in a game that gave players no coins. When Penguin Chat 3 was closed down, and Club Penguin began, a miniature version of the Snow Cat was put in the bottle inside the Lighthouse. A penguin-sized Snow Cat was seen during the Music Jam 2008 at the Pizza Parlor crashed through the wall. The same Snow Cat returned at the Music Jam 2009. It returned for the rest of the Music Jams in 2010, 2011, and even in 2012. In the Elite Penguin Force game, there is a mini game which involves a vehicle similar to the Snow Cat called the "Snow Trekker". The Snow Cat was never driven once on the online Club Penguin. In Elite Penguin Force, an EPF Agent can summon the Snow Trekker by using a tool that is built into their Spy Gadget. According to a blog entry, it was included in the very first Catalog, but was listed as sold out. It has now been made into a toy. In Elite Penguin Force, it is revealed that the Snow Trekker may have been a rumor, most likely referring to Penguin Chat 3. It is present inside a bottle in the Lighthouse.



  • In Penguin Chat 3 if you used a Snow Cat you moved at exactly the same speed, and couldn't do anything special (or even dance or throw). It just changed how you looked.
  • The Snow Cat was only available in the construction site in Penguin Chat 3 when wearing a hard hat, which was hidden.
  • The EPF Snow Trekker can transform into a boat, or a snow plow.
  • There is a Snow Trekker pull-back vehicle toy available that comes with a small Gary figure.
  • During the first two Music Jams, a Snow Cat was "crashed" into the wall of the Pizza Parlor. The 3rd Music Jam looked more like a Snow Trekker.
  • The Snow Trekker is featured in a game, but this game is only available in the EPF game. Its first appearance in Club Penguin was at the Music Jam 2010 in place of a Snow Cat.
  • The Snow Trekker has a hot cocoa machine as an alarm for when people try to steal it. Whoever tries will get drenched in hot cocoa mix.
  • In Mission 10, If you click on the bottle you will see "Snow Trekker, the next generation."
  • On November 11, 2009, Rory the Construction Worker was shown to be on the Snow Trekker, in page A6-A7, in the newspaper hence suggesting that the snow trekker is a bulldozer.
  • Gary claims he later made it into an Ice Cream Trekker.
  • In issue #404 of the Club Penguin Times, the Snow Trekker was the main topic in the Secrets section.[1]

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