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Snow & Sports

The current edition of Snow and Sports.
Date released August 31, 2007
Location Sport Shop (former)
Ski Village (May 25–27, 2010)
Sells Sport Clothing, Backgrounds and Furniture.
Available Yes
Updates Semiannually

Snow & Sports (formerly Snow and Sports) is the name of the sports catalog in Club Penguin. It can currently be found in the Stadium or in the Skatepark, but was formerly located in the Sports Shop before the Popcorn Explosion.


The Sports Shop was created on November 3, 2005 and contained a Penguin Style catalog to help contain the overflow of penguins in the Gift Shop when new items came out. However, the shop was given a redesign and a new catalog which was released on August 31, 2007 so penguins could actually buy sports items in the sports shop; needless to say the new catalog was the first ever edition of Snow and Sports.

On May 25, the catalog was moved into the Ski Village temporarily due to the Popcorn Explosion. After the Sport Shop was officially closed on May 27, the catalog was moved to the newly named Stadium, where it is still located today.

When the June 2012 version of the catalog was released, it received a minor name change along with a new title font (the word “and” was changed to the symbol “&”) to go along with all of the other catalogs receiving updates.



There is furniture like basketball hoops, scoreboards, and other gym and arena-like things for your igloo.


There are usually about three backgrounds to choose from each time a new catalog comes out.

Former Items[edit]

Both Wakeboards, all three Surfboards and the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod were located in the Snow and Sports catalog before the smaller Game Upgrades catalogs were released.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Esportes
French Neige et Sports
Spanish Deportes y nieve
German Schnee und Sport
Russian Снег и спорт

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