Sled and Slide

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Gameplay of Sled and Slide

Sled and Slide is a minigame on Club Penguin: Game Day!. The game can be accessed by going to the Ski Hill and talking to Gary. This game can not be played in 2 vs. 2 mode.

This game is similar to the Test Sled minigame in the PSA Mission 2 (G's Secret Mission).

How to play[edit]

You need to hold the Wii Remote sideways. On the start, shake the Wii Remote to pull the sled, and then, press 2 to jump in it. When inside the sled, wave the Wii Remote to the direction you want to go.

You need to avoid getting stuck in the snow and crashing into snowmen. Getting into the dash point will help you.


The track is very easy, and there is an arrow which shows the direction you need to go in.


There is no arrow anymore, and the track has more snow and dash points.


There are many more snowbanks and snowmen. Getting into dash points is necessary to win the game.