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A penguin saying 'LOL', a commonly-used slang term.

Slang is the common term for the vocabulary usually found on the internet or text messages. It has an abbreviative style, shortening phrases to acronyms or words to abbreviations. The abbreviations usually shorten the word so it can still be said and understood, while also being easy to read. Internet slang differs from real life, regional slang, although real life slang can also be seen in the game chat.

Below is a list of common slang acronyms and abbreviations said by people on Club Penguin.

Common acronyms[edit]

The acronyms listed below are clean and safe to use. Language in Club Penguin is censored, so profanic acronyms will result in a ban.

Acronym Meaning Example
CP Club Penguin CP Rules!
iggy Igloo (exclusive to Club Penguin) Lets go to my iggy
PB Penguin Band (exclusive to Club Penguin) I wanna meet all the Members of the PB!
RH Rockhopper When is RH coming?
lol/lolz/lulz Laugh Out Loud (Used to express laughing) lol that was funny
rofl/rotfl Rolling On the Floor Laughing. (More extreme than LOL) Rofl, that's hilarious!
Cya See ya / goodbye I have to go, cya
roflcopter Roll On the Floor Laughing And Spinning (More extreme than ROFLOL) I Am So ROFLCOPTER Right Now
Brb be right back brb, just got to have dinner
Gtg Got to go Sorry, I gtg, cya
OMG Oh My Gosh/goodness/God OMG this is so fun
ur/your Your / you're Ur so cool!
u / U You I trust u
r / R Are Why r u angry
idm I don't mind Penguin 1: Do you want to have a sled race with me Penguin 2: IDM
idk I don't know Penguin 1: Where is the pin Penguin 2: idk
idc I don't care Penguin 1: y didn't u get the pin Penguin 2: idc
k/kk/ok Okay Penguin 1: The pin is in the Lighthouse. Penguin 2: KK
ppl/pplz/peeps People Look at all those ppl.
afk Away from keyboard. Similar to brb He is afk.
kno/no Know I no you!
thx/thks/thnx/ty Thanks / Thank you Thx for letting me know where the pin is.
fyi/FYI For your information I have the pin FYI
nm Not/nothing much/never mind Penguin 1: What ya doing? Penguin 2: nm
nvm/nvr mind Never mind Penguin 1: What ya doing? Penguin 2: nvr mind
np No problem Penguin 1: Thx for showing me the pin. Penguin 2: NP
jk joke/just kidding Penguin 1: Im a beta tester Penguin 2: Really? Penguin 1: No jk
ho hold on ho ill decorate my iggy
plz/pls Please plz go away
wassup?/wazzup?/sup Whats up? Yo wassup dude
btw By the way BTW there was a new pin right?
IRL In real life i have herberts revenge IRL
OTK Off the keyboard (similar to AFK) He is OTK
nty No, thank you Penguin 1: May i serve u Penguin 2: nty
wb Welcome back Wb Penguin 1
Tweet Twitter post Tweet about this party!
ikr I know, right? Penguin 1: This is boring Penguin 2: ikr
MYOB Mind your own business Penguin 1: Wat r u doing Penguin 2: Y don't u MYOB
NOYB None of your business Penguin 1: Wat r u doing Penguin 2: NOYB
yw You're welcome Penguin 1: Thx Penguin 2: yw
Q Q Crying Penguin 1: I deleted you from my Buddy List
Penguin 2: Q Q