Sky Kingdom

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Sky Kingdom
Where Misery Mountain
Opened May 16, 2012
Closed May 30, 2012
Mini-Games None
ID 877
Tour Description
"This is the Sky Kingdom! Now Scorn is defeated, it is free once more! From here the chosen heroes can restore peace... and rule the lands with fairness and justice. Claim one of the Skyward Staffs... and climb to the top of Sky Tower... to restore the kingdom to its glory!"

The Sky Kingdom was a party room in Club Penguin for the Medieval Party 2012. The Skyward Staff can be found here. It can be accessed after defeating Scorn, and players can also access it with the Skyward Staff in the Town. Five players or more need to be on the balcony to make all of the orbs around light up and bring peace back to Club Penguin. A rainbow will appear across the screen if it works.