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Full Name Skip
Species Penguin (disguised)
Ghost (actual species)
Position Puffle Hotel Bellhop (disguised)
Villain (actual position)
Appeared Halloween Party 2014
Color Lime Green
Clothing Bellhop Hat, Bellhop Uniform
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No
You thought the Puffle Hotel was scary? Wait 'til you see what I have lined up!
— Skip

Skip is the disguised bellhop at the Puffle Hotel. He started pretending to work there during or before the Halloween Party 2014. He pretended to help the player in their search for Gariwald VIII in order to trick them. After the penguins solved all the puzzles, he revealed his true identity as an evil ghost that would use the Ghost Puffles' ghostly energy to haunt the whole of Club Penguin. However, his plans were stopped when Gariwald VIII and the Ghost Puffles were released by the penguins.


Because Skip tricked the player to catch ghost puffles for him so that he could use up their ghostly energy, he is shown to be deceitful manipulative. The possibility of his plans being stopped also led him to be menacing by using ghostly energy to try and force any adversaries to his plans away.



  • His name may be based on the fact that most hotel elevators "skip" the 13th floor.[1]


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