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The Ski Lift is the path that connects the Mountain and the Ski Village. It is hardly ever decorated during parties, but has been the site of some important events in Club Penguins history.

A prototype of the current Ski Lift was the Ski Lift 1000, designed by Gary. It appears to have been very similar to the current Ski Lift, except for the fact that it was much faster and more dangerous.


  • During the 2008 Medieval Party, the Ski Lift became a staircase.
  • The Ski Lift became a water slide during the Summer Kick Off Party in June 2008.
  • During the April Fools Party 2008, the lift had a pair of underwear hanging from them.

Involvement in Missions[edit]

  • In the PSA Secret Mission #4, Avalanche Rescue, the Ski Lift breaks down. You need to get a belt to fix it.
  • In an EPF mission, the Snow Bot breaks the Ski Lift and you must fix it.

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