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Where Under the Cliff
Opened January 17th, 2011
Closed January 31th, 2011
Mini-Games None
ID  ?
Tour Description
Let's use these parts to build the boat... ...then we can cross the bay. Don't forget to wear your lifejacket.
The Shore was a room in Club Penguin, for the Wilderness Expedition. It opened on January 17, 2011 and closed on January 31. In order to reach the Shore, the player must have completed the puzzle at the Cliff. The player must build a boat to cross the sea to get to the Bay. The player could purchase a Life Jacket which was required to cross the sea.

The music for this room was a remix of the main music from the Festival of Flight.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

The player needed to build a boat to cross the sea. The sides of the boat are placed on the sides. The green bucket is placed where the darker shaded circle shape is on the floor. The mast is then placed in the bucket. The sails are placed next near the top of the mast. The steering wheel is placed left of the mast. The square engine piece is placed to the right of the mast. Last, the top piece of the engine is placed on top of the square piece. The player then needs to wear his/her Life Jacket and get on the boat.

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