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Shootouts gameplay.
Players 2
Minigame Location Anywhere, with a Penguin Cup Ball
Date released June 18, 2014
Stamps awarded No
Shootouts was a mini-game at the Penguin Cup. It could be played by all players who has the Penguin Cup Ball during the party. This minigame was used to score points to determine the winner of the Penguin Cup as well as to earn items. It has a gameplay that can be related to Astro Barrier.


To begin play, players must press the dance button while holding the Penguin Cup Ball. This will invite other players for a challenge by displaying a soccer ball icon above the player's head. When another player accepts a challenge by walking over to your penguin, the game will load.

Players must attempt to score as many goals in 40 seconds by scoring on the soccer net in front of their penguin. On the screen will be a soccer ball following a path, and a target somewhere along the path. When the ball reaches the target, the player must then click on the screen or press the space bar to shoot. Upon scoring, the player will be awarded one point. If the player misses the target, the penguin will fall down. When time expires, the player with the most points wins. Winning has no effect on the game itself. The goals scored contribute to the points needed to earn items as well as the team score during the tournament.



As points are collected, members can eventually unlock the Water, Fire, Wind and Lightning Power Shoes. When playing this game while wearing the item, it will allow the player to score goals faster, thus giving them a greater chance of beating their opponent.


The following items can be unlocked through earning points in this game. Items marked with a badge (Memberbadge.png) indicate that the item can only be obtained by members.

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