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A Shocktopus
Appearances Puffle Rescue
Related To Unknown
Color Orange

The Shocktopus[1] is an enemy in the Black Puffle level of the game, Puffle Rescue. They move in either side-to-side patterns or box patterns, and send out an electric charge when the player gets close to them. Getting too close will cause the player to lose a life. However, if the player is touching the border, they will not lose a life.

The Squid Lid is a head item that is based on the Shocktopus.

Prehistoric Shocktopus[edit]

The Prehistoric Shocktopus

The Prehistoric Shocktopus was a prehistoric version of the modern Shocktopus. It was a larger version of the modern Shocktopus, and it also had tusks.

It was first seen frozen in the Cave during the Mountain Expedition and The Great Snow Race.


It has three, pale, peach-coloured spots on its mantle. The first two tentacles are somewhat shorter than the rest. It also appears to be missing its breathing tube, or siphon. The Prehistoric Shocktopus also had tusks.


Sources and References[edit]

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