Shirts Rock Catalog

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Shirts Rock Catalog

The Shirts Rock Catalog during Music Jam 2011 in the Iceberg
Date released Music Jam 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011
Location Snow Forts (All)
Ski Village (2010 and 2011)
Iceberg (2011)
Sells Music Jam shirts, All Access Pass
Available No
Updates At the Music Jam

The Shirts Rock catalog is a catalog appearing at the Music Jam 2009, located the Snow Forts. It was known as the T-Shirt Shop during the Music Jam 2008. This catalog was once again available at Music Jam 2010 at Snow Forts and Ski Village. Only members can buy items from it. This was the first party catalog to not be held in a Party room. In 2011, it changed completely, and there were 2 different versions of it.


Snow Forts and Ski Village[edit]

2008, 2009 and 2010[edit]




The Shirts Rock Catalog during Music Jam 2009.
The Shirts Rock Catalog version of Snow Forts and Ski Village during Music Jam 2011.

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