Ship Battle

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Ship Battle
Where Off the coast of Club Penguin Island, only reachable by boat.
Opened June 17, 2010
July 21, 2011
Closed June 28, 2010,
August 4, 2011.
Mini-Games None
ID  ?
Tour Description
"Ahoy sailors! Avast pirates! This is an epic snowball fight. Pirates should fill the buckets... to launch the cannons. Sailors should stand on the triggers. Use your jackhammer to fix leaks!"

The Ship Battle (also known as Ships) was a members only room that was added for the Island Adventure Party 2010. It was a party room, and also an interactive game.

While sailors had to stand on the triggers to fire a maximum of three big snowballs, pirates could throw snowballs in their cannons to fire a maximum of two big snowballs. The cannons fired themselves every 10 seconds, and they always aimed at the enemy's ship. The ship would eventually become damaged and had to be repaired by penguins using the Hard Hat, Mining Helmet, Red Construction Hat or Green Hard Hat, otherwise the damaged ship will only fire fish and water. It came back on July 21, 2011 for Island Adventure Party 2011.


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