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Full Name The Sensei
Species Penguin
Position Master of the Elements
Appeared Excavating the Dojo
In the Dojo
In the Fire Dojo
In the Water Dojo
In the Snow Dojo
Color Gray
Clothing Hat(F · W · 1)
Robes(F · W)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Gamma Gal, Rockhopper, Tusk (formerly)
Meetable Character? Yes
I vowed to master the elements and teach others to respect their power!
— Sensei

Sensei (formerly ??????) is the master of elements. Sensei appears to be a very old penguin. He has a white beard, thick white eyebrows, a traditional oriental conical straw hat and a gray robe.


Background History[edit]

Sensei, master of the elements.

When Sensei was young, his closest friend was Tusk. When they grew older, Sensei and Tusk were taught the ancient art of Card-Jitsu - their friendship began to split apart as they became stronger. On a sunny day, Sensei challenged Tusk to a friendly battle of Snow to practice. When Tusk created an oversized snowball to throw at Sensei, Sensei deflected it and the result was an avalanche. Sensei managed to escape from the avalanche; however, it was too late for Tusk. Sensei spent weeks attempting to recover Tusk until he discovered a broken tusk. Upon this discovery, Sensei vowed to master the elements and teach others to respect their power. Following the construction of the Dojo Sensei went on a "long journey", which, according to him, lasted until his return in November 2008. He learned about the elements of Fire, Water, and Snow on his quest.


Sensei during Dig Out the Dojo.

Sensei was first seen on Club Penguin after the Storm, which heavily damaged the Dojo rooftop. It is thought that he started the Dig Out the Dojo project, because throughout the ordeal he was seen digging snow in the Dojo Courtyard (as ??????). When the Dojo was successfully dug out, Sensei revealed himself, as well as a new card game known as Card-Jitsu. After earning your Black Belt in Card-Jitsu, you must beat Sensei in a Card-Jitsu match to earn the Ninja Mask, thus becoming a ninja.


Sensei's first role in 2009 was when he hid the eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. From July 3rd until July 5th 2009, he revealed a new technique later revealed to be cloud waves. This was also his first appearance as a meetable mascot. Shortly prior to the Halloween Party 2009, the volcano near the Dojo started to become active. Sensei decided to create Amulets (like his) to advance ninja training further. He determined that it was time to start mastering the element of fire soon afterwards, which lead to "Sensei's Scavenger Hunt". After the scavenger hunt was complete and all of the fire items were collected, the Fire Dojo was built on the top of the volcano. Along with the new dojo, a new training game known as Card-Jitsu Fire was created by Sensei so that ninjas could master the element of Fire and become Fire Ninjas.


When The Great Storm of 2010 arrived, Sensei knew that the time had come for ninjas to master the element of water. After the rainstorm cleared, he decided to start the "Water Hunt", which sent ninjas on a hunt for water items. After the hunt was completed and all items were collected, the Water Dojo was built in a nearby Waterfall. Once again he created a new training game, Card-Jitsu Water, to help ninjas master the element of water and become Water Ninjas.


In November 2011 Sensei set up a Card-Jitsu Party, to recruit more penguins to be ninjas, fire ninjas and water ninjas.


In 2013 Sensei waddled around during the Chinese New Year. Sensei waddled once more for the Hollywood Party to train actors how to stunt. In early May, Sensei vanished and left a note saying for ninjas to train. He returned soon after to train penguins in the art of Card-Jitsu Snow.


Please note the content in this section is made to look non-canon even though it was created by Club Penguin. So, as a result none of this information may be completely accurate to canonical Club Penguin history.

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite![edit]

Main article: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite!

Presumably before 2008, Sensei trained a girl named Amy who would later become the heroine known as Gamma Gal. This is set up as non-canon because it is a story written by a normal penguin in 2010, and their story has many time flaws and other errors; which you can view here.

Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei[edit]

Main article: Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei

Sensei pretends to be sleepwalking to get four ninjas to have teamwork, rather than fight.


In-game Scripts
  • Greetings grasshoppers
  • Hello and good day
  • Bows
  • Hello students
  • Good day ninjas
  • Welcome
  • Good to see you my students
  • Ninjas
  • Behold the arena
  • Fire!
  • Water!
  • Snow!
  • Prepare to prove your Card-Jitsu skills!
  • Which element will you choose?
  • Fire is bold, vivid
  • Its power fierce and intense
  • We will need patience
  • Water is soothing
  • Its power wild and untamed
  • We will need control
  • Snow is cold, remote
  • Its power is unmoving
  • We will need our strength
  • Which side will triumph?
  • Let it be decided
  • Are you ready, students?
  • Prepare for battle!
  • One
  • Two
  • Three!
  • Begin!
  • Aha!
  • Excellent move!
  • Again!
  • Well done!
  • Impressive!
  • Demonstrate that move again
  • Persistence is rewarded
  • Water Ninjas are needed!
  • Fire Ninjas join the battle!
  • Hurry Snow Ninjas!
  • Summon more ninjas!
  • High atop this chair
  • I oversee every match
  • And every triumph!
  • Fire beats snow!
  • Water beats fire!
  • Snow beats water!
  • Well done grasshoppers!
  • You show great promise!
  • You are almost ready to battle Snow!
  • You are ready to face the Snow Minions!
  • This chair is reserved for Elemental Masters
  • From here I see every battle
  • From this chair, I can see all of you
Generic Phrases
  • Like the great earthquake, you rock the house!
  • Where is your favorite place to be invisible?
  • Hide and Seek is also great fun
  • It is easy for ninjas to win Hide and Seek, yes?
  • Come face me in the Dojo later
  • Haha! That joke was very funny!
  • Gather around my students!
  • Let me see your skills
  • Put on your masks for training my students
  • Ninjas APPEAR!
  • Ninjas RUN!
  • Ninjas run to the left!
  • Ninjas run to the right!
  • All ninjas use your Cloud Wave and vanish!
  • Ninjas VANISH!
  • Let us rest at the Cove
  • Follow me to the Stadium my students
  • To the Town!
  • To the Plaza!
  • To the Docks!
  • To the Dojo!
  • To the Forest
  • To the Snow Dojo
  • Join me at the Dojo
  • Meet me at the Dojo for training
  • Let's go to the Dojo, my students
  • Yes ninja that is correct
  • Yes young grasshopper
  • We will see my ninjas
  • I do not believe so ninja
  • You must see me in the Dojo
  • To claim your cards
  • I would be honored to be your friend
  • Friend requests are greatly welcomed
  • I enjoy watching Card-Jitsu
  • I spend much time in the wilderness
  • I learn much from puffles
  • I still train to get better
  • A ninja's work is never done
  • My favorite game is Card-Jitsu
  • What is yours grasshopper?
  • My favorite music is calming flutes
  • I enjoy the sounds of nature
  • I like the sound of beating drums and gongs
  • My favorite hobby is making tea...
  • It is an art form
  • This is true my student
  • Some ninjas will continue their journey
  • Some ninjas are drawn toward one element
  • Some ninjas are great teachers
  • Fire path, Water path, Snow path
  • All are wise ninja choices
  • The time to master snow has come
  • The elements are unbalanced
  • We must restore balance
  • Do you train each day?
  • That is good to hear
  • You must continue your training
  • Practice your invisibility
  • Hone your skills
  • There is always more to learn
  • A ninja must always be ready
  • The ninja's power rests in the ability to learn
  • If you train today you will be ready for tomorrow
  • Your training has only begun, my students
  • There are other challenges to face
  • There are always more skills to learn
  • Tell me, how have you been training?
  • I have been traveling in the wilderness learning more skills
  • The wilderness has taught me much
  • I am proud to see so many ninjas
  • You are all very skilled
  • Well done my students!
  • I see you have practiced!
  • You have come a long way in your training!
  • Together your strength is like the mighty waterfall
  • Strong and constant!
  • Together your strength is like a powerful flame
  • Brilliant and bright!
  • Together your strength is like a snow storm
  • Fierce and unstoppable!
  • Your skills have improved ninjas
  • I have watched your progress
  • I am proud of the ninjas you have become
  • Let us play a different game
  • I will say an element
  • You say what defeats it
  • As fast as possible
  • Ready?
  • Fire!
  • Water!
  • Snow!
  • Sushi!
  • Well done, I see you have ninja speed
  • Heh heh! We shall all have to train harder, yes?
  • Heh heh Nothing defeats sushi
  • Nothing but a hungry ninja of course
  • Let me test your ninja skills
  • When I say ninjas VANISH!
  • I expect no ninja to be in sight
  • All ninjas can vanish
  • If you don't have the suit you can hide
  • Ninjas VANISH!
  • There are ninjas still in sight
  • You have done very well
  • I am proud to call you my students
CJ Snow
  • The time has come
  • The elements are out of balance
  • Snow must be mastered to restore balance
  • Balance must be restored
  • I fear the consequences
  • All ninjas are needed
  • Go up to the mountain to begin your battle
  • You must defeat the snow minions
  • Do not take them lightly
  • They are masters of snow
  • I fear they are not the only ones you must face
  • A greater force is at work
  • I will be there when you need me
  • This battle is of great importance
  • The future of all ninjas lies in the balance
  • The Snow Minions aim to destroy the Dojo
  • and all we have worked for
  • do not take them lightly
  • Their control over snow is most powerful
  • I do not know what has caused this disturbance
  • I will need ninjas to help reveal the truth
  • We must look into this further
  • We must journey to the mountain
  • to find out why the elements are unbalanced
  • I need every one of you to prepare
  • One single snowflake may be quiet
  • But many become a powerful force
Evading Shadow Questions
  • One challenge at a time, my students
  • Long ago we trained together
  • We spent many days training to master the elements
  • He was very strong
  • but impatient
  • We were mastering Snow
  • When a huge avalanche buried him in the mountains
  • Many days I searched for him
  • I thought my friend was gone
  • It is my greatest regret
  • He was a good friend
  • I am sad to see him turn to anger
  • He will not listen to reason
  • His anger has consumed him
  • He must be defeated
  • That is the only way
  • He wishes to defeat me
  • destroy the dojo
  • and scatter the ninjas
  • He has unbalanced the elements
  • He is disrupting the balance of the elements
  • I cannot foresee all consequences
  • but we are in grave danger
  • Farewell, my students
  • Keep practicing
  • I must go, take care
  • Bows
  • I have more to prepare!
  • I have more ninjas to train
  • Continue your training
  • Join the battle at the Snow Dojo
  • I will be there when you need me
  • I must head to the mountain
Training Room
  • Come students
  • Let us prepare a feast fit for ninjas
  • We need great energy for battle
  • Fire ninjas prepare the fish!
  • Water ninjas brew the tea!
  • Snow ninjas bring the ice cream!
  • What else do we need students?
  • Excellent idea
  • Who will grill the fish?
  • Thank you young grasshopper
  • Do you like raw fish?
  • Sushi is a delicacy...
  • ...made better by hot sauce!
  • Will you fetch more ingredients?
  • May I suggest...
  • pizza emotes!
  • We need sushi chefs!
  • I see you've found my ancient scrolls
  • These scrolls contain much wisdom
  • Like how to use chopsticks...
  • to catch flies
  • to build an igloo
  • to style a beard
  • to move a mountain
  • And how to cook the tastiest noodles
  • And how to beat Rockhopper at Mancala
  • And how to get your joke in the newspaper
  • And how to confuse Aunt Arctic
  • And how to get Cadence to stand still
  • And how to get Gary to dance at a party
  • Hahaha I am kidding
  • I made a funny!
  • Show me your concentration faces
  • Concentrate grasshoppers
  • Impressive
  • Excellent all of you
  • You have trained well
  • You have made your teacher proud
  • This is a special place
  • Of quiet and calm
  • Ninjas...
  • Your battles have been fierce
  • You have fought bravely
  • With much honor
  • Remember...
  • The fierce ninja values action
  • But the wise ninja knows when to rest
  • We draw our power from nature
  • The elements must be respected
  • Gather around my students
  • Join me in the shade
  • Let us celebrate your triumphs
  • Who will pour some tea?
Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei
  • Mmm... Your skills are impressive.
  • But to become a TRUE ninja master you must learn to work as a team!
  • Much to learn...
Card-Jitsu Saga
  • Long, long ago, when I was just a young boy, I had a friend named Tusk.
  • We did everything together, like a pair of chopsticks, we were always by each other's side.
  • It was a bond of a brotherhood... frozen, in time.
  • Together, Tusk and I began training for the art of Card-Jitsu, we learned to control the unyielding flame and brace the crushing wave, and bow to the majestic snow flurry... But Tusk lacked discipline and as our training intensified, our friendship changed.


During his visits, Sensei sometimes talks to penguins in haiku.

Click to read Sensei's Haikus
Sensei's Card-Jitsu Card Haiku

The wisest penguin,

Knows that every journey begins,

With a single step.

The Cookie Haiku

Like the great cookie,

We must have honor and strength,

And chocolate chips.

How to write a haiku

To write a haiku,

You just need to write three line,

Of 5, 7, 5.

The "Orange" Sky

The sky is orange,

As orange as orange,

Or a tangerine.

The Black Puffle

Like the Black Puffle,

Sometimes we don't like to smile,

But skateboard instead.

The Wisdom Haiku

To find true wisdom,

You must train hard and focus,

And don't skip breakfast.

The Epic Awesome Haiku

This is a haiku,

An epic awesome haiku,

This haiku is done.

Scavenger Hunt

Fires must be round,

Search all across the island,

Be very careful.

The Greatest Ninja

The greatest Ninja,

Never gives up a battle,

Or a cup of tea.


It is quite easy,

To sound like you have wisdom,

When talking haiku.

Sensei's knowledge of other Famous Penguins[edit]

Sensei has three explanations about his knowledge of Rockhopper. His three quotes contradict each other. This may be because Sensei is an old penguin who may be forgetful:

  • Rockhopper: Rockhopper, you say? He is a most wonderous pirate, as well as wise.
  • Rockhopper: Rockhopper? I do not know this lad. Does he know me?
  • Rockhopper: Rockhopper. Silly penguin. Much to learn in the ways of ninja.
  • Gary: Gary? I do not know much about him... I hear he is a famous scientist.
  • Aunt Arctic: Aunt Arctic writes in the paper, doesn't she? Listen to her words.

Sensei's Games[edit]

These are games that sensei has created to play with other penguins when he's waddling around Club Penguin.

  • Chat-Jitsu: Sensei would name an element, and players have to answer with what beats it, as fast as they can (Sensei often tricks people, by naming random things like sushi).
  • Hit-a-Gong!: Sensei would name a creature, and players have to hit the gong with the named creature on it (Sensei often tricks people by naming creatures like seahorses).
  • I spy...: Sensei would name the color of something and players have to name it.
  • Ninja run!: Sensei gets players to run left & right in the Ninja Hideout.
  • The Fire Game: While in the Fire Dojo, Sensei would shout 'FIRE!' and players must run to something with fire on it.
  • Ninjas VANISH: When Sensei shouts "Ninjas VANISH" he expects there to be no ninjas in sight.





  • "Sensei" means teacher in Japanese.
  • Polo Field helped create him[1].
  • There was originally no stamp given for meeting Sensei as of September 7, 2010. It was later released on November 16 2010.
  • According to Sensei's thoughts, he has a beta hat.
  • The "Ask Aunt Arctic" section in the Club Penguin Times has been temporarily changed to have have Sensei answer questions on multiple occasions.
  • Sensei has many Puffle friends, but has never adopted one of his own.
  • He says he learns much from puffles. He states that he learned that smiling is powerful from the puffles.
  • Sensei is Gray because he is very old.
  • Apparently he has shared cups of tea with Rockhopper according to issue #317 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • It was revealed in the Card-Jitsu Saga that Sensei did not create Card-Jitsu, he is just a master of it.
  • Sensei's Snow Suit is the only suit Sensei hasn't waddled wearing in-game yet.
  • Sensei's walking stick is actually Tusk's broken tusk.[2]


According to Sensei: "There was a prophecy that the truth would be revealed in the heat of summer. But one cannot be served knowledge like a bowl of hot noodles! So, my students, you must discover which of these is truth:

  • Tusk is not the only ninja from my past... I also have a brother!
  • There is a secret ninja clan of kunoichi
  • Some have found the way to practice forgotten styles like Shadow... and Cheese
  • Like fire and water, the ninjas and the EPF clash on many things
  • When we traveled to prehistoric times, some black belts trained caveguins. Now there are masters much older than me!"

One of those informations is true and the others are false.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Sensei
French Sensei
Spanish Sensei
German Sensei
Russian Сенсей

Sources and Referecences[edit]

Sensei Sightings

July 2009 · Sensei's Scavenger Hunt · Celebration of Fire · Water Scavenger Hunt · Water Celebration · Card-Jitsu Party 2011 · Chinese New Year 2013 · Hollywood Party · Card-Jitsu Party 2013 · 5 Year of Club Penguin in Potuguese Celebration · 5 Year of Club Penguin in Spanish Celebration · Haiku Day · 10th Anniversary Party