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Secret Agent in Club Penguin.
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Secret Agents were penguins employed by the Penguin Secret Agency who, at first, worked to make Club Penguin Island a safer place. Afterwards, with the introduction of secret missions, many penguins wanted to become agents for the fun of solving them. To become an Agent, the player's penguin had to be at least 30 days old. When penguins were accepted into the PSA, they were sent a postcard, welcoming them as secret agents. Salaries of 250 coins were also given out.

It had been said in the F.I.S.H. that if you get banned, you will lose your agent status. This is not true, as your penguin can still keep agent status.

When the PSA Headquarters had been put out of commission in the Popcorn Explosion, the term "secret agent" refers to a penguin in the EPF.

Secret Agents' Duty[edit]

Taken word for word from the F.I.S.H.:

  1. Report any players that are using bad language, being mean, cheating, or breaking any of the other rules.
  2. Keep your identity and the identity of the other Secret Agent penguins a secret.
  3. Visit the HQ to watch for Secret Missions.
  4. Help other penguins so they can have the best experience possible.
  5. Keep Club Penguin safe!


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Well known agents[edit]

These are some of the well known Secret Agents.