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A Secret Room is a room that is hidden via the map or a room that only certain penguins can access. For a room on the Map, no subtitle is available when hovering the mouse over its proximity area. However, people will usually know if they are hovering over a secret room if their cursor changes to a pointing finger. Since the Map update, the Iceberg remains the only secret room available via the map. There are other secret rooms that aren't on the map.

List of Secret Rooms[edit]

Iceberg's Secret room status[edit]

The Iceberg is a secret room because a subtitle is not available when hovering over it. However, it is very populated and so much is known about it that people are puzzled over it being referred to as a hidden room.

The Iceberg also has the game of Aqua Grabber on it and in some festivals there is a firework display.

The Iceberg is accessible through your EPF Spy Phone, despite being a secret room.

About the Secret Rooms[edit]

Area of Secret Rooms available through the Map[edit]

An old map of Club Penguin with the secret rooms circled.
  • Iceberg
    • Easily visible as an iceberg close to the mainland in the upper-right hand side of the Map.

Former Secret Rooms[edit]

  • The Mine Shack is a room that was secret until the release of the brand new Map. Before then, a subtitle was not visible while hovering over it.
  • The Dojo is a room hidden in deep in the mountains. It was secret until the release of the new Map. Before then, a subtitle was not available when hovering over it, and a picture of the location was not there, either, making it one of the most secret rooms.
In Elite Penguin Force, the Dojo is kept as secret.

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