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Secret Missions are puzzle-like games that anyone can do on Club Penguin's website. Formerly, the missions could be accessed in the HQ or VR Room by clicking on the Mission Console in the lower right-hand corner. On December 6, 2012 the PSA Secret Missions were moved to Fun Stuff section of Club Penguin's website since the Tube Transport was destroyed and access to VR Room was stopped. On June 11, 2015, the PSA Secret Missions returned to the EPF Command Room as part of the June 2015 EPF Training. There are only eleven secret missions.


The original Missions were created to see what Club Penguin would look like in a first-person view. The first PSA Secret Missions launched on June 30th, 2006. On November 14, 2012, Herbert destroyed the Everyday Phoning Facility and the EPF Command Room during Operation: Blackout. Due to this, in-game PSA Secret Missions were disabled. Later, on December 6, 2012, the PSA Secret Missions were added to the Fun Stuff section of the website due to the recent in-game events. On May 27, 2015, the Club Penguin Blog posted a June Club Penguin calendar which says "EPF Training Missions" on various days. On June 11 in the calendar, it says "EPF Secret Missions 1 - 4", on June 18 in the calendar, it says "EPF Secret Missions 5 - 8", while on June 25 in the calendar, it says "EPF Secret Missions 8 - 11". On June 30 in the calendar, it says "Make sure to complete training missions!"[1] A few days later, on May 29, 2015, a new post was made on the blog. The post referred to rumors about the Director putting together secret training exercises and about Herbert's whereabouts.[2] On June 11, 2015, the PSA Secret Missions officially returned to the EPF Command Room during the June 2015 EPF Training.

List of Secret Missions[edit]

Case of the Missing Puffles[edit]

Mission 1
Case of the Missing Puffles
Awards Descriptions

Mission 1 Medal


Letter from Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic... Famous reporter for the Club Penguin Times... Has lost two of her pet puffles. It is your assignment to find and rescue them.
Aunt Arctic, famous reporter for the Penguin Times, is very upset, because two of her pet puffles are missing! Will you take the challenge of rescuing them?

After losing her two Puffles, Aunt Arctic assigns the player on a mission to search for them. If the player gives Aunt Arctic photos of her puffles that can be found at the Ice Rink, after the mission you'll receive a bonus award.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details on PSA Mission 1 follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.
Aunt Arctic's missing Puffles.
  • Talk to Aunt Arctic
  • Go to the Ice Rink and collect the photos of EleanorMae.
  • Go back to Aunt Arctic's igloo and hand her the photos.
  • Go to the Pet Shop to decode a message and figure out how many socks Gary owns.
  • Go to the Sports Shop and tell Gary how many socks he owns. After you do this, he'll give you some equipment to use.
  • Rescue all the penguins on the Iceberg using the Life Preserve Shooter.
  • Fix Dancing Penguin's telescope with your Spy Phone's wrench tool. After you do this you can use it to look at the Tallest Mountain for Aunt Arctic's puffles.
  • Go to the Tallest Mountain and climb up it. You will find Aunt Arctic's missing puffles.
  • Congratulations! You completed the first PSA Mission!
Spoilers end here.

G's Secret Mission[edit]

Mission 2
G's Secret Mission
Awards Descriptions

Mission 2 Medal


Letter from G

Secret Agent G has your mission in the Sports Shop. You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.

In G's Secret Mission Gary the Gadget Guy has the player test out his new sled. After testing it, the player ends up in the wilderness of Club Penguin Island, and has to learn how to survive.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.
  • Talk to Gary and tell him you're here for the Mission.
  • Go to the Ski Hill and decode a secret message. The word is always "mogul".
  • Return to the Sports Shop and tell Gary the word "mogul". He will then lend the Prototype Sled.
  • Go to the Ski Hill and use the Prototype Sled. Using it will put you in a sled mini-game.
  • After crashing the Prototype Sled, you will find yourself in Club Penguin's wilderness.
  • Pick up the Survival Guide and a string of rope at the crash site of the sled.
  • Go to the O-Berry Bush area and pick 3 O-Berries, then go find the tree with a pot stuck inside and shake it out. After collecting the pot, go to the area with a tree stump.
  • In the Tree Stump room you will find some wild Puffles playing together. All of them excluding the Black Puffle will run away.
  • Feed the Black Puffle an O-Berry to make it follow you around.
  • On the room right of the tree stump room, you'll find a cave covered by some bushes.
  • Push the bushes away to reveal a cave, then enter it.
  • Inside the cave, you'll find scattered rocks, click on one of them and they'll arrange to make a circle for a fire.
  • Exit the cave and back to the tree stump area. While in the tree stump area, on the complete left side, you'll see a room with a log and a regular bush. Go to that area to find an undamaged Ski from the sled, put it in your inventory.
  • Head over to an area with a river. You'll see Fluffy the Fish jumping around in it, combine the Ski and the Rope together to make a fishing rod.
  • After making the fishing rod, combine it with an O-Berry to make bait to catch Fluffy the Fish.
  • Throw the fishing rod in the river to catch Fluffy the Fish.
  • Before leaving the river area, find a small log and put it in your inventory. You should also fill up your pot with water from the river.
  • Return to the cave. Place the log in the circle of rocks you made earlier, then place the Survival Guide in the circle.
  • Feed the Black Puffle another O-Berry to make a fire. Put the pot of water on the fire to boil it. Then you can drink it.
  • After drinking the boiled water, place Fluffy the Fish on the fire to cook. After its cooked, eat it and you'll fall asleep.
  • Talk to Jet Pack Guy outside the cave. He then takes you to the Sports Shop to talk to Gary.
  • Talk to Gary the Gadget Guy one final time.
  • Congratulations! You completed the second PSA Mission!
Spoilers end here.

Case of the Missing Coins[edit]

Mission 3
Case of the Missing Coins
Awards Descriptions

Mission 3 Medal


Card from Dancing Penguin

The coins have gone missing from the vault in the Gift Shop. Report to the Gift Shop to investigate. Another agent will meet you there.
The missing coins.

The Gift Shop has lost its coins from the vault. The player must find out what happened to them. As with the other two missions, a medal is obtained upon completion of the mission, but a card from Dancing Penguin, is obtainable if the player accepts G's extra mini-mission and restore power to the Boiler Room. You can no longer play the Ice Bricks mini game, which could be accessed on the Gift Shop's computer.

Answer : [1]

Avalanche Rescue[edit]

Mission 4
Avalanche Rescue
Awards Descriptions

Mission 4 Medal


Handy Penguin Award

There has been an avalanche at the Mountain, and your help is needed. Report to the HQ and G will give further details.
Avalanche Danger.

This mission starts out in the HQ. G opens the door to the gadget room, and the player gets a life preserver shooter. The player then collects various items around Club Penguin to save 4 penguins trapped on a cliff. At the end of the mission, the penguin gets a medal with an inner tube on it and a letter which later self-destructs. You can also obtain an award if you use a belt to fix the Ski Lift in the Ski Village. This mission has huge references to both real-world and Club Penguin events, not to mention many of the Moderators. You can see the references below.

Answer : [2]

Secret of the Fur[edit]

Mission 5
Secret of the Fur
Awards Descriptions

Mission 5 Medal


Box of Pizza (award)

Help solve the mystery of the fur found in previous missions. Meet G in the Gadget Room to get started.

This mission starts out in the Gadget Room. G analyses the white fur, and does not get a result, except for Hot Sauce, Hot Chocolate and jet pack fuel. The player then collects these three items around Club Penguin. At the end, players find that the White Fur belongs to a Polar Bear (Who has a crab with him). At the end of the mission, penguins get a medal with a Magnifying Glass and fur on it. The player can also obtain a pizza. When clicked, a slice is eaten. Once the pizza is eaten, one can open and close the item, and there is more pizza to eat. This item can only be obtained if you deliver a pizza to the penguin who is Ice Fishing. To complete the mission the player must find the true source of the fur carrier, and catch the crab. The player must then go to G and tell him of their discovery.

Answer : [3]

Questions for a Crab[edit]

Mission 6
Questions for a Crab
Awards Descriptions

Mission 6 Medal


Magnet Blueprints

Your efforts in discovering the secret of the fur have not gone unnoticed. The PSA is looking for more answers and G needs your help! He's ready to question the crab. Meet him in the Gadget Room to get started.
Klutzy the crab.

In this mission, G attempts to 'question the crab'. The Crab Translator 3000 breaks, and the crab escapes. The player follows him to the wilderness also seen in Mission 2. Players follow the crab to the cave, also seen in the second mission, and are greeted with a locked door. The player looks around and finds the same black puffle as in Mission 2. He goes through the pet door and unlocks the door. The Penguin goes inside and the Polar Bear locks the player in a cage. With the puffle's help, the player gets out as well. The players find their way back to Club Penguin, and the Polar Bear tries to destroy the Ski Lodge with a Mechanical Woodchopper. The player then sinks the Polar Bear and G awards penguins with a medal for 'thinking outside the box' and the blueprints for an electromagnet if they give him the blueprints for the electromagnet seen in Mission 3 (which are found inside the cave).

Answer : [4]

Clockwork Repairs[edit]

Mission 7
Clockwork Repairs
Awards Descriptions

Mission 7 Medal


Blue Pennant

The clock has broken down which is causing problems all over the island. G has requested your help in fixing the clock. Meet him in the HQ Room to get started.
Rory the Construction Worker.

In the mission, you must repair the broken clock in the Snow Forts by finding parts of the clock scattered across Club Penguin. The target is found at the dock being used by two Penguins from Team Blue. To get it back you must throw three snowballs at it which gets more difficult after each hit. When the two penguins need a replacement target you can give them the life preserver in the HQ, which gets you a blue pennant at the end of the mission. To get the spring you must go to the Iceberg and you will find it frozen in ice and out of reach. Then you go back to the HQ again and get the Electromagnet 2000, click on the cage it's in and there's a little puzzle lock. (You could get it at the start of the mission though, to save time.) The answer is the word 'key' in the Secret Code. Get the magnet and go back to the Iceberg; use the magnet on the spring. Go to the Gadget Room a third time and put the spring in the test chamber, pull the lever, and set it to Fire Mode. To get a gear, go to the Beach, where two penguins are sun bathing, and pick up the green bucket next to them. Then, go to the Snow Forts and use the bucket to get snow. Then, go to the Pizza Parlour and pick up a note of music next to the piano, to play for the yellow puffle at The Stage. Get a picture of the gear in the Town, go the Stage and play the piano for the yellow puffle; give the picture and bucket of snow to the yellow puffle. The yellow puffle will then make you a gear made of snow which you freeze in the HQ's test chamber. Go to the back of the clock and put everything where it should be and you're done.

Answer: [5]

Mysterious Tremors[edit]

Mission 8
Mysterious Tremors
Awards Descriptions

Mission 8 Medal


Cool Gift

Earthquakes have been reported all over the island. Meet G in the Gadget Room to help track down the source of these tremors.

Herbert uses his drill to dig underground. He causes earthquakes, and Gary asks you to investigate. Gary will tell you to go to the Dock. When you get there, Herbert will be there in his drill. Once you lift the Gift Shop you have to stop Herbert from stealing the boiler.

Answer: [6]

Operation: Spy & Seek[edit]

Mission 9
Operation: Spy & Seek
Awards Descriptions

Mission 9 Medal


Box of Chocolates

Your help is requested in tracking down suspect at large:Herbert P. Bear, and uncovering his next plot. G will meet you in the Gadget Room for further details.

G needs the help of Agents again. Help Gary find Herbert and see what he is up to. In this mission you will need to build your own gadgets.


Waddle Squad[edit]

Mission 10
Waddle Squad
Awards Descriptions

Mission 10 Medal


Employee of the Month Trophy

You have been requested to join a special team of agents for an important secret mission. G and the other agents will meet you at the HQ.

Info: Waddle Squad is a mission about the Golden Puffle that Herbert is trying to steal.

G needs us again. This time you are the head agent for the mission. You have to help Rookie with the Giant Magnet located in the Gift Shop, and Jet Pack Guy at the Beach. Then you must go set the trap, and catch Herbert. At the end, Herbert escapes, but loses a packet of seeds.

GIFT: The gift will be given if you pick up the table, clothes and the balls located in the Gift Shop. Then put the table down in front of the Gift Shop, along with the things on top of it. At the end of the mission you will get the "Employee Of The Month" gift.

Answer: [8]

The Veggie Villain[edit]

Mission 11
The Veggie Villain
Awards Descriptions

Mission 11 Medal


Gift from Dot

There has been a disturbance at the Gift Shop, and several items have been reported missing. Herbert is the primary subject. Report to G in the HQ.
Main article: The Veggie Villain

The Veggie Villain is a mission where Herbert is back and steals all of PSA's information and destroys the PSA HQ.

In the beginning, G informs you of several missing items from the gift shop, and you find two piles of corn seeds after investigating. G calls you, but the signal is lost and the Spy Phone's teleporter stops working. Herbert hacks into the PSA computers with the computer he stole from the Gift Shop Manager's office. G shuts down all of the technology. Herbert attempts to broadcast all over Club Penguin and blow the PSA's cover. You stop the video feed by inserting Night of the Living Sled (it's under the piano in the Lighthouse into the DVD player. You will need to clean it with cleaning supplies also found in the lighthouse. You must solve a puzzle to track down the signal to shut off the audio source. You must go through a corn maze to reach Herbert. (Follow his paw prints to receive a map and piece of wood. Go backwards and take the paths marked with a Watering Can, Corn Seeds, Fertilizer, Hot Sauce, and Java Beans.) Use the wood to cross the river. Put the corn seeds in the torch to lower the ladder. Unplug Herbert's computer. He warps you and a popcorn bomb to the HQ. He locks down the HQ. Click the orange book under the Club Penguin map and solve the puzzle. Dot will pop out of the closet and warp you all outside (the EPF technology is fine.) Popcorn shoots all over the Ski Village just as you appear in it. G gets a call from the Director, announcing the shutting down of the PSA, as the HQ is destroyed.

Extra Credit: In the lighthouse, pick up the can next to the ship wheel, and go to the Gadget Room. Put the can in the Test Chamber, and click water, then ice. Take the ice to the Beacon, and give it to Rory. He will give you a lens to fix Dancing Penguin's glasses at the Ski Hill.

Gift: Medal and Letter from Dot. If you click the red button, you get Free Spy Goggles.

Club Penguin Mission 11 Guide: [9]

Gary’s Room[edit]

In a couple of these secret missions, one has access to Gary's Room. Here are some notable things you may see.

  • In this room, you can find a snail strapped to an explosive device. This is a reference to Rocketsnail Games and its creator, Rsnail.
  • Also in this room, there is a pig with a small LCD monitor inserted in its side. This is a reference to Screenhog.
  • There is a bat-like creature hanging from a lamp. This is in reference to the flying fox, one of the largest species of bats on the earth.
  • There is a toy space ship that looks exactly identical to the one used in Astro Barrier.
  • Gary’s pin collection.


  • In older Secret Missions, the map is not updated.
  • In the Gadget Room, one can discover the prototypes to three of Club Penguin's inventions. The first one is the AC 1000, a small desktop fan that preceded the AC 3000. The second one is the first Spy Phone. The third one is a red and yellow striped firework rocket, apparently the first and very dangerous jet pack.
  • Also, there is a hat that, when clicked, has a propeller pop out and start spinning rapidly, then retreat back into the hat. This is a direct reference to an old television show called Inspector Gadget, in which the main character has a hat that looks identical to the one G has.
  • In Mission 10, you can say to the Gift Shop casher "It's a weather experiment". This is a reference to the movie Back to the Future.
  • In Mission 10, Herbert swaps the golden puffle for a can of worms found in Ice Fishing. This is a reference to the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Coincidentally, both replacements for the Golden Puffle were from Indiana Jones movies.
  • Interestingly, there is a Card-Jitsu card that, when activated, makes Herbert and Klutzy appear in their giant drill, as a reference to Mysterious Tremors.
  • There is a reference to the Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the Gadget Room. If you click on the hammer, a boxing glove comes out. The hammer is identical to the one in the film.
  • The .swf of the Test Run, when you crash, the "CRASH!" scene replays.

Sources and References[edit]