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One of the secret items in May 2008.
One of the secret items in June 2008.

A secret item refers to a hidden item for purchase in a catalog. They are usually found by clicking one or more items or letters on a page in a catalog and often stay available in whatever catalog they are hidden in for three months. Back in 2006 and 2007, after a month had passed, the hidden item became unhidden in the next catalog. Other than the Viking Helmets, the only other item that's always hidden is the Silver Surfboard (which is hidden in the Cove Game Upgrades catalog).

Viking Helmets[edit]

The only items that are always hidden in a normal catalog are the famous Red Viking Helmet and Blue Viking Helmet, which are hidden in the Penguin Style catalog. The Gold Viking Helmet is also hidden whenever it is re-released, however, it is harder to find than the other two.