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Scrooge christmas.png
Full Name Scrooge
Species Penguin
Position Owner of the Pizza Parlor
Appeared A Penguin Christmas Carol
Field-Op #61 (mentioned)
Color Old Blue
Clothing Top Hat, Eyebrows, Beard, Red Scarf, Tuxedo
Related To Unknown
Friends With Bambadee
Meetable Character? No

Scrooge is one of the few main characters of the Christmas exclusive book: A Penguin Christmas Carol. His penguin color is Old Blue and he is/was friends with Bambadee, Suneroo and Smulley. He wears a red scarf, an unavailable item. Like Rockhopper, he is another penguin that has real eyebrows and beard.

A young Scrooge playing with Bambadee, Smulley, and Suneroo.


Scrooge has a personality that is very similar to the real Scrooge: selfish, greedy, and stingy. In the book, Scrooge is said to have a lot of coins that he didn't spend. Also, he did not donate to Coins for Change before he learned his lesson, which further shows his stinginess.



  1. "Well done Agent. I think you'll agree that there's no security risk in Klutzy visiting Herbert during the holidays. As members of the EPF, we must protect the island at any cost, from any danger. But we aren't Scrooges. Happy holidays, Agent."

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