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Chris Hendricks
Chris Hendricks.png

Full Name Chris Hendricks
Position Graphic Designer
Worked at Club Penguin May 9, 2005[1]—October 2010
Penguin Screenhog
When Club Penguin launched, it was a sandbox. You just did what you wanted in it, no goals or quests. That was a unique strength. Maybe not all gaming, but definitely MMOs. Biggest evidence is how many copycat games there were.
— Screenhog[2]

Chris Hendricks (commonly known as Screenhog) is a well-known former moderator and Club Penguin Staff member. He sometimes wrote on the What's New Blog just like Lane Merrifield did, though not as often. He was the graphic designer of Club Penguin and made music for the game. He was shown on the old Developer Blog working on a computer. He usually made the "checklist" posts, telling penguins the hot spots of parties.


Chris Hendricks was born on August 21, 1982 in Canada, which makes him 38 years old. During the early months of Club Penguin, he was the only person who knew how to make items[3]. On April 1st 2011, Screenhog announced he quit Club Penguin in October 2010, as you can see on his website here. He still visits Club Penguin, composes music and posts historical blog posts. In 2011, Screenhog joined rsnail to work on


Screenhog interview, posted on the official Club Penguin Blog on February 14, 2008:

What's your favorite outfit to wear in Club Penguin?

  • Screenhog: I change outfits too much to have a favorite one. But I really like the musical instruments and the hard hat!

What's your favorite activity in Club Penguin?

Can other penguins meet you online?

  • Screenhog: I'm usually playing mini-games when I go online, but if you do run into me, I'd be happy to meet you.


Appearance in Club Penguin[edit]



  • Screenhog (the penguin) has all the items in Club Penguin. [citation needed]
  • Screenhog also doesn't enjoy crowds much.
  • According to Screenhog, his penguin account was disabled to prevent hacking and can only be accessed at the Club Penguin offices.

Sources and References[edit]

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  3. I was the only one making clothing items at the time. No one else knew how. :) -Screenhog on Twitter

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