Scorn Battle

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Scorn Battle
Rsz scorn2.png

Players 1
Minigame Location Misery Mountain
Date released May 16, 2012
Stamps awarded No

Scorn Battle was an exclusive mini-game that has so far only appeared at the Medieval Party 2012. At Misery Mountain, walk up to the edge and it will ask the player if you are ready to fight Scorn. Clicking "Yes" will bring you to this mini-game. You must defeat Scorn in order to bring peace back to Club Penguin, due to him controlling the island during the Medieval Party 2012. A bunch of glowing orbs will rise up in the sky, and you have to aim your slingshot to shoot rocks at them to hit Scorn. The more the orbs you hit with a single rock, the more the damage that will be done to Scorn. There will be special purple orbs that can make you shoot a ton of rocks, rather than one. Scorn has a health bar that tells you how much you have hurt him. Once you beat Scorn, you will be awarded the Crown of the Dragon King pin and coins. You can battle Scorn more than once. Starting on May 24th, 2012, if you wanted to re-battle Scorn, just click the broken statue of him.