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Dragon King
Full Name Scorn the Dragon King
Species Dragon
Position Dragon King
Appeared Medieval Party 2012
Color Black and a Goldish color
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Scorn the Dragon King (also known as Dragon King and Scorn Dragon) was a dragon in Club Penguin. During the Medieval Party 2012, players had to defeat him in a mini-game named Scorn Battle to save the island. After you defeat him, you'll receive the Crown of the Dragon King pin. He is one of the five villains that are implemented in the game so far (not including outfits or play villains), that list includes Herbert P. Bear, Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000, Klutzy, and Tusk.



  • During the construction of the Medieval Party 2012, his shadow is visible.
  • Scorn seems to be based more on a wyvern rather than a dragon.