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These are all the scavenger hunts in the history of Club Penguin.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

Easter Egg Hunt 2006[edit]

Prize: Pink Bunny Ears

Instrument Hunt[edit]

  • Drum: Pizza Parlor - Holding up the table on the left.
  • Cymbal: Dock - In the inner tubes,
  • Guitar: Ski Village - Riding on the Ski Lift.
  • Piano: Pet Shop - Hidden behind a puffle house.
  • Cello: Ski Lodge - Under the orange couch cushions.
  • Cymbal 2: Ski Hill - Behind the pole.
  • Banjo: Cave - The banjo was floating by in the window.

Prize: Band Background

Lightbulb Hunt[edit]

Prize: Lighthouse Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2007[edit]

  • Egg 1: Lighthouse - In the picture frame replacing the lighthouse.
  • Egg 2: Coffee Shop - Open up the Coffee Maker and an egg will jump out.
  • Egg 3: Mine Shack - An egg will pop out the pipe and roll down the rain trough into the bin of water.
  • Egg 4: Pizza Parlor - In the spotlight.
  • Egg 5: Cave - Egg floats through a window.
  • Egg 6: Town - Jumps out of the present on the sign for the Gift Shop.
  • Egg 7: Boiler Room - The drawer next to the old news opens up and an egg pops out
  • Egg 8: Beacon - Look through the telescope and an egg will be floating.

Prize: Blue Bunny Ears

Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2007[edit]

Before starting this scavenger hunt you needed the Pumpkin Basket.

  • Piece of Candy 1: Pizza Parlor - Flew out of the pipe organ on the stage.
  • Piece of Candy 2: Coffee Shop - Under the "candy bowl" in the Coffee Shop.
  • Piece of Candy 3: Forest - Hidden in one of the trees.
  • Piece of Candy 4: Beacon - In the life ring hanging off the side.
  • Piece of Candy 5: Ski Lodge - Falls out of the eye in Mullet.
  • Piece of Candy 6: Dance Club - You need to answer a riddle from The Keeper and if you answer correct and candy apple will come out of the apple bobbing barrel.
  • Piece of Candy 7: Ski Hill - Behind the scarecrow.
  • Piece of Candy 8: Cove - Look through the binoculars and an octopus will float by wearing a Clown Wig and holding a lollipop.

Prize:Halloween Scarf

Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt 2008[edit]

See main article.
  • Boat 1: Mine Shack - Floating in the bin of water at the bottom of the rain trough.
  • Boat 2: Cove - Floating in front of the rope in the water.
  • Boat 3: Coffee Shop - Floating in the green bowl where cookies usually are.
  • Boat 4: Beach - Floating behind the rocks.
  • Boat 5: Cave: - Seen floating in the windows where the fish would normally swim.
  • Boat 6: Pet Shop - Floating in the water bowl.
  • Boat 7: Dock - Under the dock.
  • Boat 8: Iceberg - Floating next to the Aqua Grabber.

Prize: Blueprints Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2008[edit]

  • Egg 1: Mine - This egg was replacing the flame in the lantern.
  • Egg 2: Dock - Under the snow in the dock.
  • Egg 3: Pet Shop - The egg is in the cage next to the toys.
  • Egg 4: Book Room - This egg was replacing the cactus.
  • Egg 5: Gift Shop - The green penguin in the Dress Up! was replaced by an egg.
  • Egg 6: Plaza - This egg was where one of the lanterns were at the stage.
  • Egg 7: Lodge Attic - The egg pops out out the box.
  • Egg 8: Dojo - The final egg was a ninja egg that would teleport around the dojo. This led many more penguins to believe in ninjas.

Prize: Green Bunny Ears

Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2008[edit]

  • Candy 1: Snow Forts - The Blue flag went down and was replaced with a chocolate bar.
  • Candy 2: Dance Lounge - Turn on the lamp and a piece of candy corn will jump out.
  • Candy 3: Lodge Attic - Jumps out of the blue box next to the crates and suitcases.
  • Candy 4: Plaza - Candy in wrapper floats to the top of the cauldron.
  • Candy 5: Cove - Candy will leap out of danger sign and on top of the surf hut.
  • Candy 6: Iceberg - Click a star and a constellation will appear which will form into a candy.
  • Candy 7: Beacon - In the pumpkin's eye a candy apple will swing like a pendulum.
  • Candy 8: Book Room - Unknown Where

Easter Egg Hunt 2009[edit]

  • Egg 1: Town - In the Night Club Spotlight.
  • Egg 2: Cove - Floating next to the rocks.
  • Egg 3: Mine - Comes by in a mine cart.
  • Egg 4: Dojo Courtyard - A lantern replacement.
  • Egg 5: Gift Shop - Under a hat.
  • Egg 6: Ski Lodge - Appears with fish in cooler.
  • Egg 7: Mountain - Jumps out of pole in middle.
  • Egg 8: Beacon - Turn off the light and the egg will be visible.

Prize: Pink Bunny Ears

Halloween Candy Hunt 2009[edit]

  • Candy Bar: Lodge Attic - Jumped out from behind a jack-o-lantern.
  • Triangular Candy: Dock - On one of the pumpkins.
  • Lollipop: Pet Shop - Lift up a chandellier to reveal this item.
  • Oval Wrapped Candy: Cove - Inside the book the ghost is holding on the sign.
  • Pumpkin Head: Cave - Disguised as a pumpkin hanging from a string.
  • Box: Soccer Pitch - In one of the lights.
  • Candy on a stick: Forest - Click on the bushes where a Yellow Puffle would appear 2 years ago and a candy apple will jump out.
  • Rectangular wrapped candy: Mine - Floating in a pool of slime.

Prize: Jack O' Lanterns Background

Fire Scavenger Hunt[edit]

See Main Article, Fire Scavenger Hunt.

  • Fiery Item 1: Ski Lodge - Log inside the fireplace.
  • Fiery Item 2: Book Room - Candle on the bookshelf.
  • Fiery Item 3: Pet Shop - Black Puffle's hair.
  • Fiery Item 4: Mine - Lantern.
  • Fiery Item 5: Pizza Parlor - Hot Sauce on top of oven.
  • Fiery Item 6: Cove - Stick in the bonfire.
  • Fiery Item 7: Beacon - Jet Pack.
  • Fiery Item 8: Dojo Courtyard - On of the lanterns.

Prize: Fire Pin

Recycle Hunt 2010[edit]

See Main Article, Recycle Hunt.

  • Recyclable Item 1: Coffee Shop - Broken Tea Cup on top of the tree.
  • Recyclable Item 2: Pet Shop - Fallen over box of puffle-o's.
  • Recyclable Item 3: Cove - Cream soda barrel in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Recyclable Item 4: Dojo Courtyard - Bottle of Hot Sauce on the roof of the Ninja Hideout.
  • Recyclable Item 5: Book Room - Bag of coffee beans on top of shelf.
  • Recyclable Item 6: Forest - Newspaper in the upper-area of the forest.
  • Recyclable Item 7: Ski Village - Box of pizza on top of innertubes.
  • Recyclable Item 8: Mine Shack/Community Garden - Barrel full of water next to the mine carts.

Prize: Recycle Pin (Allowed you access to the Recycling Plant.)

Paper Boat Hunt 2010[edit]

See main article.
  • Paper boat 1: Forest - Behind some bushes in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Paper boat 2: Beach - On top of the sign on the lighthouse.
  • Paper boat 3: Snow Forts - Behind some bushes in the upper left of the screen.
  • Paper boat 4: Hidden Lake - On top of the sign that said mermaid cove.
  • Paper boat 5: Plaza - On top of the puffle on the pet shop sign.
  • Paper boat 6: Town - Next to the coffee shop in the wooden carved penguin.
  • Paper boat 7: Ski Village - On top of the sign next to the ski lodge.
  • Paper boat 8: Iceberg - On the palm tree.

Prize: Treasure Cove Background (Once obtained this item one could go to the cove and drill on the X to get the Pirate Bandanna

Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2010[edit]

  • Piece of candy 1: Beach - Behind a tree.
  • Piece of candy 2: Snow Forts - Behind a tree.
  • Piece of candy 3: Iceberg - Behind the pumpkin.
  • Piece of candy 4: Gift Shop - Replacing a manequin head displaying The Funster.
  • Piece of candy 5: Pizza Parlor - Disguised as a pumpkin decoration on the pipe organ.
  • Piece of candy 6: Ski Lodge - In the mirror.
  • Piece of candy 7: Plaza - In the cauldron.
  • Piece of candy 8: Beacon - Replacing a bar on the railing.

Prize: Candy Forest Path Background

Water Scavenger Hunt[edit]

See main article.
  • Water Item 1: Stadium - Soda at the snack shack.
  • Water Item 2: Coffee Shop - Coffee cup on the table.
  • Water Item 3: Pet Shop - Fish bowl.
  • Water Item 4: Cove - Water bottle in surf hut.
  • Water Item 5: Book Room - Coffee cup on the table next to the red chair.
  • Water Item 6: Dance Lounge - Glass of Water on table.
  • Water Item 7: Beach - Bucket in snow.
  • Water Item 8: Dojo Courtyard - Gold fish statue on roof of Dojo.

Prize: Water Tank Background

Silly Scavenger Hunt (Members Only)[edit]

See the main article.

  • Box Piece 1: Box Dimension - In the middle of the room.
  • Box Piece 2: Desert Dimension - Go to the right of the screen to reveal the piece of cardboard in the mountains.
  • Box Piece 3: Doodle Dimension - Use the pencil to draw the piece of cardboard.
  • Box Piece 4: Space Dimension - Connect the stars to make a constellation which turns into a stapler.
  • Box Piece 5: A Silly Place - Sitting on the spring cushion where the King Jester Hat was in 2010.
  • Box Piece 6: Stair Dimension - Replacing a floorboard on the ceiling (If turned right side up floor).
  • Box Piece 7: Cream Soda Dimension - Get through the Teleporting barrels and get the tape out of the cage.
  • Box Piece 8: Candy Dimension - Click on the spoon on top of the candy shop. It will lift up and the ice cream will disappear. Then it will dive back in and scoop out a box.

Prize: Box Costume

Easter Egg Hunt 2011[edit]

  • Egg 1: Dojo - behind the bonsai tree.
  • Egg 2: Dock - floating in the water.
  • Egg 3: Forest - behind the rock in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Egg 4: Cave - behind the lifeguard chair.
  • Egg 5: Mine Shack - in the tree.
  • Egg 6: Lodge Attic - on the box between the red and blue couch.
  • Egg 7: Ski Hill - next to the tobaggon holding the Game UPgrades catalog.
  • Egg 8: Snow Forts - behind a snowy rock.

Prize: Safari Park Background

Easter Egg Hunt 2012[edit]

See main article.

  • Egg 1: Underwater Lake - in the Aqua Grabber
  • Egg 2: Book Room - on the lamp
  • Egg 3: Beach - beside the left arrow
  • Egg 4: Mine Shack - on the snow-ball generator
  • Egg 5: Cove - on the lodge
  • Egg 6: Gift Shop - beside the face mannequins
  • Egg 7: Ski Village - in the ski lift
  • Egg 8: Beacon - near the big lamp

Prize: Yellow Bunny Ears

Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt[edit]

See main article.

  • Note 1: Iceberg
  • Note 2: Dock
  • Note 3: Tree Forts
  • Note 4: Cove

Prize: The Continental

Candy Ghost Scavenger Hunt[edit]

See main article.

  • Candy Ghost 1: Cove
  • Candy Ghost 2: Haunted House Entrance
  • Candy Ghost 3: Mine Shack
  • Candy Ghost 4: Ski Village
  • Candy Ghost 5: Ski Hill
  • Candy Ghost 6: Forest
  • Candy Ghost 7: Beach
  • Candy Ghost 8: Dock

Prize: Candy Ghost BG