Scare Points

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The Scare Meter icon.

Scare Points were a temporary currency that were first introduced at the Monsters University Takeover. To earn scare points, penguins must play the Scare Games or scaring other penguins. Like tickets, scare points could be used to purchase items from the Scare Catalog.

How to Obtain[edit]

You have to choose a team (JΘX, OK, PNK or RΩR) and play the Scare Games. After this, if you are a member, you can buy a costume that have a special dance. When you dance with this costume, you scare some penguins around you. Each group of penguins that you scare give you 5 scare points.

Things you can buy with the scare points[edit]

The items below are only available in the Scare Catalog.

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