Scare Games (minigame)

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Scare Games

Scare Games gameplay
Players 1
Minigame Location Amphitheater
Date released June 26, 2013
Stamps awarded No
Scare Games was a mini-game at the Monsters University Takeover.


The player played as a monster resembling a dragon (the color depended on what fraternity or sorority the player played for, green for OK, red for ROR, pink for PNK and orange for JOX), trying to scare the sleeping robot penguin in the bed. The player had to jump or fly over obstacles before scaring. The player had 3 lives and each level got harder when you finished one. There were several obstacles: Jack-in-the-Boxes, miniature Hot Air Balloons, toy trains, army men figures (see gallery), snakes in cans, and on the final level, a remote-control helicopter (see gallery). The player had a time limit, and touching any of the obstacles would reduce the time limit. If time ran out, the robot penguin woke up before the player could scare it, causing the player to run away, lose a life and have to start the level all over again.