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The Save the Migrator Booth.

The Save the Migrator Project was a project in early 2008 to help salvage Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator. It was started by Gary the Gadget Guy. A large stall with tools could be seen at the Beach with the words "Save the Migrator Project" on it.


In January 2008, Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator, unexpectedly hit an iceberg and sank. Due to this, Gary the Gadget Guy set up a project for his ship to be salvaged. Weeks later, Rockhopper arrived in his row boat with no harm, concluding that there were no deaths. In February, there was an underwater party for the project and Gary set up a building site on the iceberg. Players received free mining helmets during that time.


The poll.

A poll was held to ask what would the submarine's name would be. The name with the most votes were Aqua Grabber, which is still in use currently for games.

Ship Rescue Mission[edit]

In mid-February, when Aqua Grabber was launched, penguins could use it to recover parts of the Migrator. These parts were collected at the beach. In early March, the Migrator started being built. In late March, it was nearly completed. In early April, players could go aboard the Migrator, however the hold was still in ruins and very dirty.

Work began on a nameless submarine to find the pieces to the Migrator and then reassemble it. When it was finished, there was a poll on its name. Of three names, "Aqua Grabber" was picked.


The Flare Flinger 3000.

On April 7, Aqua Grabber began being used for collecting pearls and treasure. In mid-April, the Flare Flinger 3000 was set up on the beach. This was used as a way to contact Rockhopper and Yarr. On April 25, there was a party celebrating the return of Rockhopper to Club Penguin. Rockhopper came back and was overjoyed.

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