Santa Suit

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Santa Suit
Available No
Type Body Item
Member item No (Treasure Book)
Yes (catalog)
Party Holiday Party 2009
Holiday Party 2012
Cost Free
550 coins (2010-2011)
500 coins (2012)
Where found Treasure Book Series 5
Magic Sleigh Ride (2009)
Penguin Style
Item ID(s) 4126 (parties)
4288 (catalog)
14126 (unlockable)

The Santa Suit is a body item in Club Penguin. Members can buy it for 550 coins in the Penguin Style catalog. Members were able to get it during the Holiday Party 2009 at the Magic Sleigh Ride when players dropped completed it by dropping all the presents into the chimneys. All players can also unlock it in the Series 5 Treasure Book. For some reason, the Santa Suit does not match the color of the Santa Hat. It goes along with The Claus, Fuzzy White Beard and Supreme Santa Sack (in December 2011 Penguin Style). It was also available for 500 coins in Holiday Party 2012 Catalog - Items For Everyone during the Holiday Party 2012.

In the Treasure Book, it was paired with the Santa Hat, White Beard and Pirate Boots.


The Santa Suit in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

Before the Santa Suit was released, an early version could be seen being worn by Santa in the Nintendo DS game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Unlike the current item, it only had the coat- no pants or mittens. The Santa Suit was first released as an item in the Season 5 Treasure Book in October 2009. However, it wasn't in the "exclusives" section as it would be released again shortly thereafter as a reward for delivering presents from the Magic Sleigh Ride (during the Holiday Party 2009). Since then, it has been re-released every year as an item for members (most commonly through the Penguin Style catalog).

The Suit is a common item, and is very popular during Holiday Parties.

Release history[edit]

Party Catalog Available from Available until
None Treasure Book (Series 5) October 19, 2009 October 4, 2011
Holiday Party 2009 None December 18, 2009 December 29, 2009
None Penguin Style December 3, 2010 March 31, 2011
December 2, 2011 April 4, 2012
Holiday Party 2012 Holiday Party 2012 Catalog - Items For Everyone December 19, 2012 January 3, 2013
None Penguin Style December 4, 2013 February 5, 2014


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Roupa de Papai Noel
French Le Costume de Père Noël
Spanish Traje de Santa Claus
German Weihnachtsmann-Kostüm
Russian Костюм Санты