Rockhopper Island

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Rockhopper Island
Where Northwest of Club Penguin
Opened When Rockhopper First Came
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID  ?
Tour Description

Rockhopper Island is Rockhopper's opened island, where he normally finds most of his rare items to bring back to Club Penguin. According to Rockhopper, it is a small island with clean water and red puffles. It has also been proven to be the native land of red puffles. It seems to be much warmer than Club Penguin Island, because of its tropical flora.

The location of Rockhopper Island is still unknown to everyone, although he has given away many maps that may show how to get to it. This has been a running "gag" that the location and exact details of Rockhopper Island are usually blocked off by some object or is missing for some reason. There has been a debate about if Rockhopper Island is ever going to be revealed. Many videos have been posted on YouTube and other websites showing that they have made it to "Rockhopper Island". However, all of them are false.


According to The Journal of Captain Rockhopper, Rockhopper Island is warmer than Club Penguin Island. Also, in the Captain's Quarters, there is sand and possibly no snow. There is no real sand in Club Penguin, so he must have been able to get sand on Rockhopper Island. In some items Rockhopper sells in the Ship Hold, there is sand and other items. For instance the deserted island item has sand, shells, and a palm tree.

Unlike Club Penguin Island, the main species in Rockhopper Island seems to be red puffles, instead of penguins. The only penguin living on this island is Rockhopper himself. Other animals include clams and scallops and lions, etc.

The flora of Rockhopper Island includes fruit trees. And when Rockhopper opened his Captain's Quarters, he had trees and sand inside. In the book, Christmas on Rockhopper Island, Rockhopper trekked through a jungle with many flowers not native to Club Penguin Island.

Rockhopper stores his treasure in a cave near Rockhopper Island called Rockhopper Cave. Rockhopper Cave is said to be connected to a large volcano, due to magma cracks in the rocks within the cave that Rockhopper and The Migrator were sailing into.

A picture of Rockhopper and Yarr arriving at Rockhopper Island. This proves the existence of sand beaches (instead of snow beaches) and shells.




  • The island that Herbert passed by during his flipchart presentation in the mission Questions for a Crab[1] when he said "The weather did get warmer"[2], may have been Rockhopper Island.
  • Rockhopper is the only known penguin that has been on Rockhopper Island.
  • Red Puffles are from Rockhopper island.
  • At the Adventure Party 2009 plants from Rockhopper Island were seen.
  • According to Rockhopper's journal, Rockhopper island has apple trees.
  • According to Rockhopper in Club Penguin Times Issue #373 Rockhopper Island has a stinky cheese restaurant that closes only on Thursdays.
  • It was revealed in the Club Penguin: Behind The Scenes 2011 video that the Club Penguin Team has made a Rockhopper Island Map[3].

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