Rockhopper's Farewell Party

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Rockhopper's Farewell Party
The page in Rockhopper's journal decribing the party.
Members only No
When March 8, 2005
Free Item(s) None
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Captain Rockhopper
Club Penguin Band
Where Dock
Preceded by
← None
Succeeded by

Rockhopper's Farewell Party was the only known party known to be held during the time of the Penguin Chat series. It was held on March 8, 2005 at the Dock to celebrate Rockhopper's departure from Club Penguin Island. There are no images for this event because the Club Penguin Staff haven't made any images for it; and the only time it's been mentioned was in The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.


After Rockhopper spent months building his prized ship The Migrator, he finally completed it on March 7, 2005. He was eager to get sea-bound as soon as possible, so he prepared to leave the next day. As a result, the small population of penguins on the island held a party to celebrate his departure. The Penguin Band was also there playing music as part of the entertainment.