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RocketSnail Games is a game website and blog operated by rsnail, who used to be a moderator of Club Penguin. This was the site of both Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat 3. It was used as a micro blog from April 14, 2009 to an unknown time before the summer of 2010. In the beginning of 2011, the site reopened once again as a blog, but there are still a few games on the site.

The newly reopened blog
The RocketSnail Games logo.


Mancala Classic[edit]

Mancala Classic.

Mancala Classic was identical to Mancala in Club Penguin. It has now been replaced by Mancala Snails.

Mancala Snails[edit]

Mancala Snails in play

Mancala Snails is a game that that is the same as Mancala, except, instead of moving stones, you move snails. When the snails jump into a mancala (or a jar in this case), a rocket will come out of their back (hence the name Rocketsnail Games). This game is still available. Play it here.

Word Crunch[edit]

Word Crunch in play.

Word Crunch is a word puzzle game. Every day there's a set "theme" for words that can be found within the word puzzle. There are twenty words to find within the puzzle, and each word's point value depends on how fast you can find the word. There's an option to skip finding a word, but it will deduct from your overall points. Word Crunch can still be played here.

Ballistic Biscuit[edit]

What the old Ballistic Biscuit looked like. Note the human.

Ballistic Biscuit is like Club Penguin's Hydro-Hopper, except that there are humans in it instead of penguins. Club Penguin's Hydro-Hopper used to be called Ballistic Biscuit until the name was changed after a vote. Some of the other choices were "Board Blaster" and "Water Yachter." There are different clones of this game as well, made for many websites, like they did with Penguin Chat.

Experimental Penguins[edit]

Penguin Chat by RocketSnail

Experimental Penguins was an early version of Club Penguin. In this game, you could be a little blue penguin and waddle around meeting new friends. However, it was not as safe as Club Penguin. Any penguin that was mean or had a bad name you could not report. It was eventually replaced by Penguin Chat. This game was so famous that Contact Music found it and called it their own. "Experimental Penguins"'s name was changed to "Penguin Chat" so Club Penguin fans wouldn't know. Experimental Penguins was very successful,and the game was succeeded by Penguin Chat, then by the famous Penguin Chat 3, which eventually turned into the Club Penguin we use today.

Crossword Crazy[edit]

Crossword Crazy took all that was good about crossword puzzles and added features that took the enjoyment of the game even farther. There was a new crossword puzzle every day. The game was released on April 22nd, 2005 but is no longer available.


RocketSnail also made clones of Penguin Chat like Goat Chat, Crab Chat and many more. In 2011 RocketSnail released a game called Box 'O Snails, and has more recently released a game called Mech Mice in 2013.

RocketSnail blog[edit]

  • If you want to see the new blog, you can see it here.
  • If you want to see an archive of the old Rocketsnail CP blog, you can see it here.



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