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Red Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red.png
Available Yes
Attitude Adventurous, extreme, and enthusiastic.
Member only No
Favorite toys Three bowling pins, Cannon, helmet, parachute.
Favorite food Stinky Cheese
Play action Cannon: Puts on a helmet and hops into its cannon. It then blasts itself off screen and gently floats back to the ground with a parachute.
Pins: It backs up and rolls itself into three bowling pins which fly in the air and crash on the ground, with one landing on its base. The red puffle frowns and simply blows the remaining pin to the ground.
Dance Bounces up and down.
Speed 4th Fastest Puffle (In Puffle Roundup)
Special features Originally from Rockhopper Island.
Elite Puffle Items Star Cannon, Helmet
Favorite Games Catchin' Waves
ID 755
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Red Puffle is a variant of puffle that has crimson-red fur and an orange-colored tongue. It was discovered by Rockhopper at an island that he named after himself, "Rockhopper Island", the puffles' native home. He brought them back to Club Penguin Island, and the new puffles became the sixth puffle available for adoption.

The Red Puffle is a basic puffle, being one of just two puffles that non-members can adopt. It has very simple animations, such as bouncing when it dances, as opposed to the Purple Puffle; who spins, smiles, and hops around in its dance animation.

Description in the Puffle Handbook[edit]

From the wilds of Rockhopper Island, they love adventure. Puffle experts wonder what secrets they hold.

  • Personality: Adventurous, extreme
  • Toys: Bowling pins, cannon
  • Observed in the wild: Hunting for buried treasure
  • Favorite snacks: Stinky cheese
  • Best game: Catchin' Waves
  • Cool fact: Originally from Rockhopper Island



Bath: When a red puffle bathes, a blue tub with a wave on it appears. It jumps on the wave with its surf board and surfs for a short time, before crashing and landing in the tub, getting itself wet. It promptly jumps out of the tub and shakes itself dry.

Hairbrush: The red puffle's fur is brushed by a hairbrush, so that its fur is pushed together on the top of its head, resembling a mohawk. It shakes its fur back to normal afterwards.

Sleep: It closes its eyes and "Z"'s form above its head as it falls asleep. It'll then wake up seconds later..

Bubble Gum: It chews a stick of bubble gum and blows a big bubble. The bubble then goes into the red puffle's mouth causing the red puffles body to inflate. The bubble pops and sends the red puffle flying around the room like a deflating balloon.


"Run Away" Postcard: A red puffle blasts itself from a cannon holding a hobo stick. The message reads: "Blasting off for new adventures. See you around!"


Red Puffle in-game[edit]

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Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Vermelho
French Le Puffle Rouge
Spanish Puffle rojo
German Roter Puffle
Russian N/A


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