Recycle Hunt

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Recycle Hunt
When? Earth Day 2010
Reward Recycle pin
Members? No

The Recycle Hunt was a scavenger hunt that took place at the same time as the Earth Day 2010 party. You have to find eight recyclable objects.

You can locate the Recycle hunt by clicking the little recycling box when you log on on the top right corner of your screen. It gives clues where the items are by a little post-it on the bottom part of the screen.

After you have found all the items, you can claim a prize, a Recycle pin. With that, you may enter the Recycling Plant, even if you aren't a member.


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  1. Start your hunt, and look closely where, you'll find some beans and cozy chairs. = Teacup, on top of the tree by the back sofa in the Coffee Shop.
  2. There's a mess spilled out on the floor, where you hear a black puffle snore. = Puffle-O's box, lying right by the door to play Puffle Roundup in the Pet Shop.
  3. From this place, great waves can be seen, what you seek is near something green. = Cream Soda keg, by the front of the left side of your screen hidden by a tree in the Cove.
  4. Use your map, and you'll travel too far, garbage is found where ninja's spar. = Hot Sauce, on top of the roof of the ninja hideout in the Dojo Courtyard.
  5. This trash is hidden, do not fail, to search nearby some penguin tales. = Coffee Bean Bag, on top of the book shelf to your right in the Book Room.
  6. Find green space, and look all around, for this thıng that fell on the ground. = Newspaper, hidden by a tree towards the back right off your screen in the Forest.
  7. Where there is a ski lift you will find, some trash that someone left behind. = Pizza Box, on top of the three inner tubes by the sports shop in the Ski Village.
  8. One last thing, that must be found, by tracks that take you underground. = Barrel, in front of the mine to your left is a barrel standing up outside the Mine Shack.
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Tip: when you recycle your trash just click on the snowball icon and aim into the big machine.


  • All of the recycle hunt items were junk and could be thrown in the Recycling Plant in if you threw a snowball and were used to make items related or like various furniture.


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