Raoul 3000

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Raoul 3000.
The Raoul 3000 and its inventor, Gary the Gadget Guy drinking coffee.

The Raoul 3000 is a coffee maker usually seen in the PSA Headquarters. It was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy. There might be another copy of the Raoul 3000 in the back of the Coffee Shop. One of G's ideas was that the coffee machine would play music, although there isn't proof of that yet.


  • Since Mission 8, it is turned off. When clicked, a message stating that G may have switched to tea will appear.
  • It might have been resurrected after the Popcorn Explosion, because in the beginning of Klutzy's System Defender level, Gary and Rookie mention fixing the coffee machine, which could be the Raoul 3000.

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