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Rainbow Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow.png
Available Yes
Attitude Majestic, regal, playful, confident
Member only Yes
No (Rainbow Puffle Party)
Favorite toys Cloud
Favorite food Rainbow Lollipop
Play action With a Cloud
Dance Throws confetti/fireworks/sparkles
Speed Unknown
Special features Originally from the clouds of Club Penguin Island.
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID 5230
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Rainbow Puffle is a Puffle discovered in Club Penguin. They were first seen on a shirt in a sneak peek video for the Hollywood Party.[1][2] Afterwards, a single Rainbow Puffle could be spotted in Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman). During the construction of the Puffle Party 2013, he was seen in specific locations such as Dock, Ski Village and Forest. Currently, members are able adopt it from the Cloud Forest, its natural habitat, after completing the Puffle Tasks. As of now, it cannot play any games, not even Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.


Rainbow Puffles were discovered after PH saw a cloud coming towards Club Penguin Island. PH quickly pulled out her telescope to see the cloud was full of Rainbow Puffles. To get to the cloud, PH had an idea to construct a really tall hotel to reach it. In order to reach the Rainbow Puffles, PH is building a tall Puffle Hotel. The construction began two weeks before the Puffle Party 2013. A rainbow cannon is at the top, shooting penguins to the clouds, where the Rainbow Puffles are living. The only way to get in that cannon is do all four Puffle Tasks of the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013.


Like all puffles, Rainbow Puffles have the general shape of a fluffy round creature with two eyes and a mouth. Going down rainbow puffles are the colors red, orange, yellow, lime green, aqua, blue, and violet. Rainbow Puffles also have violet (in some artwork orange) tongues. Rainbow Puffles live in Cloud Forest, where they probably feed of the raindrop berries that grow in the clouds. It has a playful attitude, as demonstrated by the "puppy eyes" pose.

Characteristic Description
PuffleParty2013-RainbowPuffle3.PNG Attitude This puffle has a confident, regal, majestic, playful attitude and it is even rumored that he is magical.
RainbowPuffleBath.PNG Bathing A large pool filled with colored ink appears, the puffle plunges in it and after this, the puffle is covered with ink.
RainbowPuffleBrushing.PNG Brushing This puffle gets a funny haircut when it is combed, but he magically changes his hair.
RainbowPuffleFarting.PNG Farting When a Rainbow Puffle farts, it releases a purple cloud with sparkles.
RainbowPuffleBubblegum.PNG Food When Rainbow Puffles chew gum it turns multicolored while blowing a bubble - they always burst in their face.
RainbowPuffleSleeping.PNG Sleeping This puffle sleeps deeply when he has the opportunity.
RainbowPuffleCloud.PNG Toys This puffle loves playing with the clouds, producing a rainbow around them.

Puffle Item Compatibilities[edit]

Item Dislikes Okay Loves
O-Berry - -
Cookie - -
Bubble Gum - -
Carrots - -
Pizza - -
Cake - -
Cheese - -
Apple - -
Walk - -
Bath - -
Brush - -
Rest - -
Blue Earmuffs - -
Candy Cane Cap - -
Crown - -
Gear Hat - -
Headphones - -
Jester Hat - -
Mini Squid Lid - -
Pink Bow - -
Pirate Hat - -
Princess Cap - -
Sombrero (Puffle Hat) - -
Tiara (Puffle Hat) - -
All-Star Curls - -
Disco Dome - -
Franken Hat - -
Gold Viking Helmet - -
Heavy Metal Hair - -
Jingle Jangle Hat - -
Jolly Roger Bandanna ? ? ?
Night Cap ? ? ?
Pharaoh Hat - -
Princess Braid - -
Sherwood Hat - -
Snowflake Helmet - -
Sundae Swirl - -
Surf Swoop ? ? ?
The Big Bang - -
The Overgrown - -
The Rad Scientist - -
The Scene-Stealer ? ? ?
Top Hat - -
Knight Helmet ? ? ?
Shock of Hair ? ? ?
Turquoise Toque ? ? ?
Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat - -






  • The Rainbow Puffle is rumored to be able to copy other puffles' abilities.[3]
  • In a phone wallpaper released by Club Penguin's twitter account, it was revealed that PH found ancient Rainbow Puffle cave paintings. This supposedly indicates a "magical, mysterious" history.[4]
  • There was a Rainbow Puffle emote at the Puffle Party 2013.
  • There was a Rainbow Puffle water fountain in the Puffle Hotel.
  • Rainbow Puffles are the only puffles with the natural power of flight. Green Puffles and Black Puffles can also fly, but they need an item first. Green Puffles need a propeller cap to fly and Black Puffles need an O-Berry or some hot sauce to flame up and fly .
  • While the Rainbow Puffle has a purple tongue on artwork, its tongue is orange while being walked, and on the pin.
    • This may be because the pin is a recolor of a Red Puffle and while being walked is a recolor of a Green Puffle.
  • So far, it and the Gold Puffle are the only puffles that cannot play Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.
  • In the Puffle Handbook, it is said that the Rainbow Puffle farts glitter.
  • The Rainbow Puffle and the Gold Puffle are the only Puffles that cannot be adopted from the Pet Shop.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Multicor
French Puffle Arc-en-ciel
Spanish Puffle multicolor
German Regenbogen-Puffle
Russian Радуга Паффл


Puffle Park[edit]

Puffle Hotel[edit]




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    Ever seen a chameleon? It’s a lizard with amazing cells on its skin that can change colour! And check this – I looked at some puffle fur under the microscope… and saw cells that looked remarkably similar. Could it be that puffles have abilities we don’t know about?
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