Quest for the Golden Puffle

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Quest for the Golden Puffle
Storyline Two brave explorers go a look for a rare puffle.
Premiere April 11, 2008
Characters Alaska
King Ra-Ra
Music Quest for the Golden Puffle Music
Background Adventure Background

The set.

"Quest for the Golden Puffle" is a play about two explorers named Alaska and Yukon who are looking for a golden puffle. They meet a hungry mummy named Boris and a pharaoh named King Ra-Ra. In the end, the golden puffle is really a chocolate puffle in a golden wrapper. This play is also very popular, since it won everything in the penguin play awards except for best costume every time so far.

Quest for the Golden Puffle is most likely based on the Indiana Jones series.

Costume Trunk Description[edit]

Adventure! Danger! Thrills & chills! All before breakfast!

Welcome to the lives of daring treasure hunter, Alaska, and her trusty friend, Yukon. Together they travel the world, searching for riches and rare puffles.

But no treasure is as rare, or as dangerous to find, as the mysterious Golden Puffle.

Join Alaska and Yukon on their thrilling quest into the Pyramid of the fearsome King Ra-Ra.


Image Name Info Stage Description Clothing
Yukon Costume Trunk.PNG
Yukon Yukon is a timid explorer who follows Alaska into an ancient pyramid. Yukon along with Alaska are named after real-life locations located in North America. There is a server called Yukon. "Smart. Loyal. Cautious. Yukon is the timid but trustworthy friend and co-adventurer of Alaska. Though he claims to be allergic to danger, he still follows Alaska into scary places..." Safari Hat, Supply Bag and Beige Explorer Outfit
Alaska Costume Trunk.PNG
Alaska Alaska is a brave explorer with her friend Yukon. She is shown to be arrogant and does not think about the dangers that might lie in the places she explores. Alaska along with Yukon are named after real-life locations located in North America. There is a server called Alaska. "Bold. Fearless. Alaska and danger go together like squid and pizza. Nothing can stop her quest for the rarest puffles.
She likes to leap before she looks, but somehow always lands on her feet."
Alaska's Explorer Hat, Sienna Explorer Outfit and Lasso
Boris Costume Trunk.PNG
Boris Boris is a hungry mummy who wanted to eat the chocolate puffles. His speech is often composed of grunts and words rhyming with "mummy." "A mummy. Likes chocolate. Doesn't like sassy adventurers. Also likes wrap-music." Mummy Costume
King Ra-Ra Costume Trunk.PNG
King Ra-Ra King Ra-Ra is the pharaoh of the pyramid. He is Boris's leader. "Lord of the lost Gold Wrapper Empire, King Ra-Ra's kingdom once spanned the world. Why did it disappear? Some say it was a curse. Others say they just ran out of chocolate. It's a history mystery!" Gold Bracelets, Pharaoh Costume and Pharaoh Headdress


  • Yukon: We have to be careful in this pyramid, Alaska!
  • Alaska: Can't find rare puffles without a little danger...
  • Alaska: Hey look, a switch! Wonder what it does...
  • Yukon: Oh no! Run! It's a snowball trap!
  • Alaska: What's an adventure without a few traps?
  • Yukon: That was close! Told you we should be careful!
  • Alaska: Careful is my middle name.
  • Yukon: Look! The Golden Puffle! Let's get it!
  • Alaska: I've been waiting a long, long time for this...
(Door opens and Boris appears)
  • Boris: TUMMMMMMY!
  • King Ra-Ra: Halt! Who dares to enter the great pyramid!
  • Alaska: Quick, Yukon! Grab the Golden Puffle!
    1113 golden-puffle.jpg
  • Yukon: Got it! Let's get out of here!
  • Boris: TUMMMMMY!
  • King Ra-Ra: Don't let them take it, Boris!
  • Alaska: We've gotta get out of here... fast!
  • Yukon: Oh no! We're trapped in the pyramid!
  • Alaska: You can say that again.
  • Yukon: Oh no! We're trapped in the pyramid!
  • Boris: TUMMMMMY!
  • King Ra-Ra: You can't escape the great pyramid!
  • King Ra-Ra:Now give us the Golden Puffle!
  • Alaska: I don't give up my quests that easy, Ra-Ra!
  • Boris: TUMMMMMY!
  • Yukon: Wait! I think I know how to stop all of this!
(Yukon gives Boris the Golden Puffle)
  • Boris: TUM MEEEEE!
  • Alaska: What are you doing Yukon?! That's my treasure!
(Boris unwraps the Golden Puffle)
  • Yukon: It's a puffle-shaped chocolate in gold wrapper!
  • King Ra-Ra: That's right! And Boris was really hungry!
  • Boris: YUMMMMMMY!
  • King Ra-Ra: That's why we had to get it back!
  • Alaska: Sigh. Guess it's not the rare puffle I thought.
  • King Ra-Ra: Oh, but it is rare!
  • King Ra-Ra:It is made of the island's rarest dark chocolate!
  • Yukon: These weren't the puffles we were looking for.
  • Alaska: Do not fear, Yukon! New adventures await!
  • King Ra-Ra: Hmmm...where did I put that snowball of mine?
  • Alaska: Onwards to victory and the rarest puffles!
  • Boris: THAT'S A WRAP!



  • Director: Places everyone!
  • Director:Take it again from the top!
  • Director:Excellent work, team. Keep it up!
  • Director:That's a wrap!
  • Director:Take a bow everyone!


  • There is a Card-Jitsu card of the Quest for the Golden Puffle.

Exibition history[edit]

Start End
April 11, 2008 May 9, 2008
December 12, 2008 January 9, 2009
April 9, 2009 May 7, 2009
December 25, 2009 January 8, 2010
March 30, 2010 June 11, 2010
March 15, 2012 April 25, 2012
February 27, 2013 April 4, 2013
November 13, 2013 December 11, 2013


Award Category Result
Penguin Play Awards 2009 Best Overall Play Won
Best Sound
Best Effects
Best Costume Nominated
Best Set Won
Penguin Play Awards 2010 Best Overall Play Won
Best Sound
Best Effects
Best Costume Nominated
Best Set Won



  • The line "These weren't the puffles we were looking for," (said by Yukon in The Quest for the Golden Puffle) is a spoof of the line in George Lucas' Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in which Obi-Wan Kenobi says "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
  • In the mission called Waddle Squad, a fake golden puffle was used to trap Herbert in the Night Club. This may be a reference to Quest for the Golden Puffle.
  • There are two servers named Alaska and Yukon, both of which are popular servers.
  • In the Quest for The Golden Puffle movie in Penguin Play Awards, when the explorers took the golden puffle, they replaced it with a small sack, which is a reference to Indiana Jones: The Raiders of The Lost Ark.
  • During Quest for The Golden Puffle, when you stand on the big yellow switch near the golden puffle, a big stone will come. This is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark.
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle has won the Penguin Play Awards twice in a row, meaning it may be one of the best plays.