Purple T-rex

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Purple T-rex
Available No
Attitude Unknown
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Unknown
Favorite food Unknown
Play action Unknown
Dance Bounces up and down.
Speed Unknown
Special features Unknown
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID 1001
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Purple T-rex is a variant of Dino Puffle. It has the same color and tongue color from the Purple Puffle. Members could adopt it after digging up its egg in Dino Dig, taking it to the Volcano, and heating the egg three times on a hotspot.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Tiranossauro Roxo
French T-Rex Violet
Spanish T-Rex violeta
German Lila T-rex
Russian N/A


Puffle Park[edit]

Puffle Hotel[edit]


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