Purple Puffle

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Purple Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Purple.png
Available Yes
Attitude Usually happy
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Bubble wand with bubble mixture and disco ball.
Favorite food Hummus and Pita
Play action Blows a bubble it hops into.
Super: Dances with a Disco ball.
Weak: Blows heaps of tiny bubbles that make the outline of a heart, a smiley face and a star.
Dance Stretches, bounces, flips and acts like a tornado
Speed 4th Fastest
Special features Loves to dance and is a finicky eater.
Elite Puffle Items Bubble Wand, Star Glasses.
Favorite Games Dance Contest
ID 754
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Purple Puffle is a type of Puffle in Club Penguin that has light purple fur and a pink tongue. They were discovered in June 2006 in Mission 1 of the Penguin Secret Agency. Purple Puffle's are almost always happy, but they are shown to be picky eaters, as they like to have salt in their food.

They are best known for dancing, and subsequently, the Night Club was made to host the Purple Puffle's during the Puffle Parties. Interestingly, along with jumping from side to side, they use a combination of the Pink Puffle's and Black Puffle's dance moves.

They can play in Dance Contest and can play in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape, along with all other Puffle colors except the Rainbow Puffle, the Gold Puffle, Dinosaur Puffles, and the Orange Tabby Cat and the Blue Border Collie.

List of actions[edit]

  • Bath: Jumps in the bath then jumps out. Shakes itself and gets a different hair style every time.
  • Food: Refuses food at first, but once salt is added it eats it like normal.*
  • Gum: Blows a bubble. Then blows a second bubble inside of it. It floats up in the air like a bubble.*
  • Cookie: Refuses it, but once whipped cream and a cherry is added it eats it.*
  • Sleep: Sleeps with an eyemask on.
  • Postcard: Is flying away in a bubble.
  • Groom: It gains a messy and curly Wig

* means it cannot be seen anymore.

Puffle Handbook description[edit]

The flash of a disco ball transforms this stylish puffle into a powerful dance force.

  • Personality: Fabulous, particular
  • Toys: Disco ball, bubble wand
  • Observed in the wild: Choosing just the right outfit for just the right occasion.
  • Favorite snacks: Hummus and pita
  • Best game: Dance Contest
  • Cool fact: Has a sleep mask

Famous Purple Puffles[edit]



Scone is Aunt Arctic's Purple Puffle. It is supposedly the first known Purple Puffle.



Lolz is Cadence's Purple Puffle. Lolz's first appearance was at the Puffle Party 2011. She is also mentioned in The Party Starts Now music video.



  • Many penguins think that the purple puffle was one of the original puffles. However, it was released on August 25, 2006; the originals were released November 2005.
  • In Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei says, "Your puffle is loyal to follow you. Most food gets burned here," which shows that purple puffles don't like burnt food.
  • According to the What's New Blog, Aunt Arctic was the first penguin to own a Purple Puffle.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Roxo
French Le Puffle Violet
Spanish Puffles violeta
German Lila Puffle
Russian Сиреневый пафл


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