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A Blue Puffle's puffle card.
The "Puffle Card" while PH is showing you how it works(2012).

A Puffle Card is a puffle's version of a player card. You get a view of this whenever you click on your puffle. It has buttons to feed your puffle, play with your puffle and to perform special actions such as bathing it, combing it, etc. It shows a close up view of your puffle. You can also see your 'pet papers'.

Pet Papers[edit]

With this button you can see information on your puffle's color (as shown in the Puffle Handbook), see your puffle's adoption certificate and return your puffle to its natural habitat.


Food section[edit]

This section is used to feed your puffle. You can feed it the food that you buy in the Puffle Catalog.

Play section[edit]

It is used to play with your puffle. Which toys it plays with depends on your puffle's color, as well as which toys you've bought/own.

Special actions[edit]

Using this section you can walk your puffle, groom it, bathe it and make it sleep.


This is where Puffle Hats are stored. It is somewhat like a penguin's Player Card, in the sense that you can dress your puffles with the hats that you have bought/unlocked/received for them.

Old Puffle Card[edit]

The old Puffle Card.

It didn't have clothes, like a player card, but it had buttons to feed the puffle, and bathe it. This format ended on March 7, 2011.



  • Energy Bar
  • Health Bar
  • Rest Bar


  • A button to walk your puffle.
  • A button to have your puffle sleep.
  • A button to have your puffle play.
  • A button that opens the inventory section, so you can feed your puffle.

Inventory Section[edit]


  • Puffle O's
  • Puffle Bubble (gum)
  • Cookie


  • Bath