Puffle Wild (room)

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Puffle Wild
Where Near The Wilderness, behind the Ski Lodge
Opened March 25, 2015
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 436
Tour Description
"Wild puffle creatures roam here. Keep your eyes out for them... we might even see a unicorn puffle! This table is their feeding area... so don't leave your snacks there."

Puffle Wild is an area located in Club Penguin's Wilderness, between the Ski Village and the Mountain Range. It is also where the app of the same name takes place.


Fog Forest[edit]

Main article: Fog Forest

This area was first hinted at in March 2014 with the temporary unveiling of the Fog Forest room, in Club Penguin's files. In December 2014, it was proven that the Fog Forest is an area depicted in the Puffle Wild app.

The Fog Forest as depicted in a Puffle Wild app background.

In March 2015, the room first appeared in Club Penguin files. The Ski Lodge, Lodge Attic and Ski Village were also updated in the middle of the month for the then-upcoming Puffle Party 2015. In the village, a path is obscured behind some trees, which is rumored to lead to Puffle Wild. Also, a Club Penguin login slide proved that the party would involve penguins going into the Puffle Wilds.




  • Sasquatch makes appearances in this room every few minutes.

Sources and References[edit]

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Floresta Puffle
French Vallée des Puffles
Spanish Puffle Wild
German Puffle-Tal