Puffle Whistle

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The Whistle when it's closed
The whistle opened during or after Mission 9.

The Puffle Whistle is a gadget in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. It's given to the player by Agent PH after you have learned to train with Blast. It is used to call the seven different Elite Puffles, anywhere in the island by touching the whistle, then touching the puffle you want, and then blowing into the microphone. You can also touch it to make a puffle go away.


  • During the first few missions, you can only call the puffles who you have already trained with. You get all of them in Mission 9.
  • If a puffle is unavailable, it will be darker than other puffles.
  • In Elite Mission 13, the Ultimate Proto-Bot captures the elite puffles, so you can't summon them until you rescue them one by one.
  • In Elite Penguin Force, you can only call one puffle at a time.
  • In the DS, you have to blow in the microphone to call the puffles.
  • The White Puffle was found after Club Penguin created the DS game, as there is no white elite puffle, except in the download-only mission Puffle Pranksters.
The Puffle Whistle in game.

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