Puffle Washer

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Puffle Washer
Available Yes
Member furniture Yes
Type Pet Furniture
Category Pet
Cost 450 coins
Furniture ID 603
The Puffle Washer is a furniture item in Club Penguin. It costs 450 coins in the Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet catalog. Only members can buy it. There is a bigger version of the Puffle Washer in the Puffle Spa named the Relax Tron.


This item was released on February 11, 2010.

What it does[edit]

Your puffle jumps into the top of the machine, covered in filth and holding its breath. It then goes into a tube of water, and a squirt of something purple - presumably a puffle shampoo of sorts, goes into the water as your puffle scoots through it. It then appears at the bottom of the machine, a dryer, and makes various movements until finally squeezing out of the machine as a block and then shaking and turning back into a normally shaped puffle.