Puffle Trouble

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Puffle Trouble
Available Yes
Released May 2, 2012
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Puffle Trouble is a Club Penguin Animated Short episode, and is the third episode in the series. It aired on May 2, 2012. In this episode, Herbert creates a detonator remote that could lead to certain doom for Klutzy and three puffles.


Herbert has finished constructing the Cream Soda Sticky Bomb of Doom, a device he'll use to end the penguins' parties. When Herbert arms the bomb from a remote, a big, red button on the remote starts to flash. Klutzy looks at it, and has a desire to touch it. When Klutzy is about to touch it, Herbert whacks his claw, and tells him not to touch it. Just then the doorbell rings, and Herbert tells Klutzy to tell "whoever that is to go away!". Klutzy jumps off the desk, but tries one more time to touch the button. Herbert shouts at him, "Get the door!"

Klutzy finally obeys Herbert, and goes answers the door. He opens it to find a White Puffle, bouncing up and down outside. Klutzy invites the Puffle in, and shows her to Herbert. Herbert gets mad, and commands Klutzy to get the Puffle out of there. The Puffle and Klutzy are upset, but Klutzy takes the Puffle to the door anyways. When Klutzy opens the door for the White Puffle, a Purple Puffle and a Orange Puffle appear at the door. Klutzy gets all happy, and is about to invite them inside. Until Herbert slams the door shut, and leaves the Puffles outside. Herbert shouts at Klutzy, "I told you before, no interruptions! And no more puffles." Herbert pokes Klutzy's left eye, then hears the Puffles behind him.

Herbert turns around, and gasps. The Puffles somehow got into the cave, and are now jumping around the flashing remote. Herbert points to the Puffles, and shouts, "Klutzy, stop them!!" Klutzy runs over to the Puffles, and tries to stop them. But he soon gets distracted by the flashing light, and starts dancing around it.

While the Orange Puffle starts eating the remote, Herbert runs up to them. He rips the remote out of the Puffle's mouth. He holds it up, and then realizes that the puffles follow the flashing light wherever it goes.

Herbert smiles, and leads the Puffles to the door saying, "Follow the nice little detonator." When Herbert opens the door to get them outside, he finds Puffles of all types expect black up against the door. Herbert gasps, and the door breaks down. Puffles come pouring into the cave. Herbert roars, and then realizes that the detonator is missing. He keeps repeating while searching, "Where is it? Where is it? Where is it!?" Herbert lifts up a White Puffle, and even though shouted at, it just kisses him on the cheek.

Herbert is grossed out, and starts coughing. He drops the Puffle, and just then several Puffles move to reveal the detonator below them. The White Puffle falls on the flashing button, and the Sticky Cream Soda Bomb of Doom starts powering up. "AUGH!" Herbert screams as he looks at the machine. Herbert tries running to the machine, going to try and turn it off. But just as he was about to reach it, it explodes. Cream Soda fills the cave, and Herbert is soaking wet. And right on his nose is Klutzy, with the broken detonator. Klutzy nervously shows the detonator to Herbert, and it starts flashing again. Suddenly all the Puffles get cheerful again, and start jumping up and down.

At the end a code is given, EPFAGENT, which unlocks the Stealth Tracker.


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  • Happy77 commented on the video that the Black Puffles weren't in the hideout because they were probably too busy listening to Dubstep.
  • The Purple Turkish Van Cat appears in this video.
  • It is featured on Disney's Channel.
  • On the wall of Herbert's lair, there are many contraption designs with a red 'X' marker. These were most likely failed creations.
  • The Earthquake Driller, a newspaper page, 2 Herbert pictures, a Map of Club Penguin, a marked calendar and a picture of Klutzy also appear on the lair's walls.
  • This is the first time Herbert is heard talking.
  • Puffle Trouble was a cameo in Club Penguin's YouTube video, Dubstep Puffle.
  • If you watch until the end, you will get a free code to unlock the Stealth Tracker.
  • If you look at the left, there's a White Puffle with ears.
  • At the time that the video was released on the homepage, Herbert could be seen with Klutzy behind the Lighthouse proving his escape.
  • Even when the detonator button was pushed & worn out, it's still beeping normally.
  • Herbert breaks the fourth wall at the end by giving an angry look towards the camera.
  • It appears on Television on the Disney Channel.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Problemuffle
French Problème de puffles !
Spanish ¡Problema pufflístico!
German Ärger mit Puffles
Russian N/A