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A blue puffle.
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Puffles (Moschomicrotherium pufflei[citation needed]) are small, furry creatures native to the Club Penguin Island which can currently be purchased in the Pet Shop. After being discovered in 2005, penguins have adopted and cared for them as pets. Some puffles can play games with the player. Puffles are half the size of penguins (2 feet or 60.96 centimeters) and weigh 11 pounds or 4.98 kilograms.[citation needed]

Starting May 30, 2013, the price of adopting regular coloured puffles from the Pet Shop was decreased from 800 coins to 400 coins.

Types of Puffles[edit]

All Puffles except for the Rainbow Puffle and Gold Puffle cost 400 coins per puffle. The Blue and Red Puffles are the only puffles that are available to both non-members and members. Every puffle other than the blue and red ones require a membership to purchase them. If a toy puffle is bought at a real store, a non-member can unlock a member puffle.

Rainbow Puffles are free after completion of the Puffle Tasks. To get a Gold Puffle, you must walk one of your already owned puffles to the golden O-Berry machine and let them eat one. Once they do that, they will try digging for gold nuggets, as opposed to regular coins and items. After collecting 15 gold nuggets, you can get a Gold Puffle from the Gold Mine.

Image Information Discovery Game
Black Puffle
Black Puffles are strong and silent pets. They rarely smile, but they will smile when pleased. Black Puffles are big fans of Fish Burgers. The black Elite Puffle is called Flare and can be walked in-game using the Puffle Whistle. Members can adopt Black Puffles for 400 coins. November 2005 Cart Surfer
Blue Puffle
Blue Puffles are loyal and content pets. They were the first puffles to be able to be adopted in March 2006. Pretzels and cookies with milk are their favorite treats. There is a blue Elite Puffle called Bouncer. Anyone can adopt a Blue Puffle for 400 coins. November 2005 N/A
Brown Puffle
Brown Puffles are very intelligent pets from Brown Puffle Island. These smart puffles love Ice Cream Sandwiches. Members can adopt Brown Puffles for 400 coins. January 2011 N/A
Green Puffle
Green Puffles are energetic and playful pets. They are also the fastest puffle. They are much like clowns, and are usually seen with a Propeller Cap or a unicycle. Green Puffles love to eat tacos. Well known Green Puffles are the Keeper of the Boiler Room, EleanorMae and Flit. Members can adopt Green Puffles for 400 coins. November 2005 Jet Pack Adventure
Gold Puffle
Gold Puffles make very energetic pets. These lucky puffles can dig up golden items while you take it for a walk. Chocolate Coins are their favorite snacks. To adopt it, Members must find 15 golden nuggets. November 2013 N/A
Orange Puffle
Native to the Box Dimension, Orange Puffles are zany and curious pets. They have the ability to gulp down nearly anything, although they are the slowest puffle. While they have many favorite foods, notably a great love of cookies, socks make it up to their top. The Puffle Handler has been training an Orange Puffle named Pete, and two other notable orange puffles are Gulp and Plok. Members can adopt Orange Puffles for 400 coins. February 2010 N/A
Pink Puffle
Pink Puffles are active and cheerful puffles. They enjoy a good Watermelon slice. The pink Elite Puffle is called Loop. Members can adopt Pink Puffles for 400 coins. November 2005 Aqua Grabber
Purple Puffle
Purple Puffles are very particular pets. They love to dance and are very picky eaters. Despite their pickiness, they still love hummus and pita the way it is. Well known Purple Puffles are Scone, Pop and Lolz. Members can adopt Purple Puffles for 400 coins. August 2006 Dance Contest
Rainbow Puffle
Rainbow Puffles are very majestic and confident pets. These puffles are rumored to have characteristics similar to those of chameleons. Their favorite treats are Rainbow Lollipops. Members need to complete the Puffle Tasks in order to adopt it. March 2013 N/A
Red Puffle
Originally brought from Rockhopper Island, Red Puffles are extreme and outgoing pets. Red Puffles love Stinky Cheese, much like Rockhopper. Two notable Red Puffles are Yarr and Blast. Anyone can adopt a Red Puffle for 400 coins. June/December 2005 Catchin' Waves
Yellow Puffle
Yellow Puffles are very creative and artistic pets. They really enjoy popcorn as a snack. The yellow Elite Puffle is Chirp, and other famous yellow puffles include the Great Puffle Circus Ringmaster and a past notable yellow puffle, the Keeper of the Stage. Members can adopt Yellow Puffles for 400 coins. October 2007 DJ3K
White Puffle
White Puffles are shy and delicate pets. They are smaller than any other puffle and have the ability to create ice. A White Puffle's favorite snack is yogurt parfait. There is a White Elite Puffle named Chill. Members can adopt White Puffles for 400 coins. February 2009 N/A

Puffle Creatures[edit]

Main article: Puffle Creatures

Puffle Creatures are a kind of Puffle that resemble real-life animals or objects. They may dig special furniture and items while being walked. In 2012, Puffle Creatures were constantly hinted around the island during parties. Eventually in 2014, Members were able to start adopting Puffle Creatures for the first time. The first Puffle Creatures were the six types of Dino Puffles. Unlike regular Puffles, Puffle Creatures cannot use the Puffle Card. Because of this, Puffle Creatures can only be taken care of by going a room where puffles can play, eat, bathe or sleep. In April 2015, Wild Puffles were released. This happened during the Puffle Party 2015, where you could get them by completing a mission. After the party ended, they could be adopted by going to the Puffle Wilds. After the addition of the Alien Puffles, there were 32 adoptable Puffle Creatures.




The "Puffles at Play" poster.

In November 2005, a ball of fluff was spotted at the Snow Forts. Later, more of these "fluffballs" were spotted all around the island.[1] The Plaza was opened soon after with a pathway leading to what is today the Forest. In this area, penguins could search for Puffles. Green, Blue, Pink, and Black Puffles would show up. If you saw a puffle and clicked on it, you would be rewarded with 1000 coins. The Black Puffles were the hardest to spot, as they would often hide in the shadows. If you found a Black Puffle, you would be rewarded with 1200 coins.[citation needed] Billybob threw a contest to name these creatures, and the winning name was "puffle".[1] Penguins rounded the puffles up near the Snow Forts for the island's first first Christmas Party. During the St. Patrick's Day Party 2006, penguins were able to adopt puffles of their own for the first time.[1] At first, only the Blue Puffle could be adopted. Two weeks after, Pink, Black, and Green Puffles were available.

Sometime prior to all these events, on June 9, 2005, Rockhopper invited a Red Puffle onto the Migrator. Rockhopper named him Yarr since he always came to him whenever he said that. Once Rockhopper had learned that Red Puffles live on his island, he decided to bring them to Club Penguin as a Christmas present.[2]

New Colors[edit]

After the original 5 puffle colors were discovered, different colors were discovered between 2006 and 2011.

On June 30th, 2006, a Purple Puffle was spotted in Aunt Arctic's igloo during the 1st PSA Mission. On August 25th 2006, members could adopt Purple Puffles.

Yellow Puffles were spotted in the Forest and Ski Hill during the Halloween Party 2007. They were spotted again during The Stage's construction. Members could later adopt them in November 2007.

White Puffles were spotted at the Dojo Courtyard and Ski Hill during the Puffle Party 2009. After the party, members could adopt them.

Orange Puffles were first spotted during the Puffle Party 2010. They replaced Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo in the Ski Lodge. If 10 penguins wore the color Orange, an Orange Puffle would appear on the Ski Lift at the Ski Village. An Orange Puffle named Plok would appear every 15 minutes at the Box Dimension. After the party, members could adopt them.

Brown Puffles were discovered during the Wilderness Expedition living in the Brown Puffle Cave. Members could adopt them for free as a prize. After the expedition ended, they weren't up for adoption again until the Puffle Party 2011. Since October 14th 2011, when viewing your Puffle for the first time, the Puffle Handler will appear and give you a brief introduction to Puffles.

Hints of New Creatures[edit]

Although no new puffles were introduced in 2012, Puffle Creatures were constantly hinted throughout the year. A Raccoon-like puffle was spotted at the April Fools' Party 2012's Doodle Dimension and in the Puffle Trouble video. A statue of a puffle with large ears and a tail was spotted in the Snow Forts during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. Puffle Bats made their first appearance on the Puffle Bat Key pin and later physically appeared at the Halloween Party 2012. The island's first Unicorn Puffles were spotted as a statue in the Cellar during the Halloween Party 2012. During the Holiday Party 2012, members could transform into Reindeer Puffles. A puffle with wings had also been spotted during the Holiday Party in the Snow Forts.

Although 2013 didn't introduce as many new Puffle Creatures as the previous year, during the Medieval Party, Members could transform into Dragon and Unicorn Puffles using magical potions. If anyone failed at brewing a potion, they would turn into a Puffle Chicken. Squirrel Puffles were spotted in multiple videos and in the Club Penguin Media Summit

Mythical Puffles Exposed[edit]

In March 2013, PH had spotted a cloud full of Rainbow Puffles, she decided that to celebrate the Puffle Party 2013, they would construct a Puffle Hotel to reach them. After the hotel was constructed, a quest was made to prove if penguins were worthy of adopting Rainbow Puffles. Although anyone could participate in the quest, only members were allowed to go into the Cloud Forest and adopt Rainbow Puffles.

After the Medieval Party 2013, Gary gave some seeds to PH that grew into a Gold O-Berry Bush. When she fed one of the Gold O-Berries to Pete, he dug up a gold nugget. PH thought it might have been connected to the legendary Gold Puffle so she decided to do some research on it. Sometime afterward, the Cave Mine had collapsed and old pages had been discovered on how to care for Gold Puffles. A week later, the Gold Mine had opened up and PH discovered Gold Puffles. From there, members could dig for 15 gold nuggets and adopt their own Gold Puffle.

Adopting of Puffle Creatures[edit]

Because Dino Puffles were endangered, during the Prehistoric Party 2014, members could dig and hatch out their eggs in the Prehistoric Volcano and adopt them.

While Rockhopper was out at Sea, he noticed his supplies were vanishing. He then learned that Yarr had invited Blue Border Collies and Orange Tabby Cats on the Migrator. Once Rockhopper had learned that the puffles were eating all the supplies, he decided to drop them off at Club Penguin for members to adopt.

During the Frozen Party, members could create and adopt their own Snowman Puffles. According to PH, the Snowman Puffles are made from Elsa's magic. Once Elsa leaves the island, the magic that makes Snowman Puffles will go away with her.[3]

During the Halloween Party 2014, Ghost Puffles were discovered in the Puffle Hotel and could be adopted after the quest was completed.

During the Puffle Party 2015, Wild Puffles could be adopted in the game itself for the first time.

It is highly likely that sometime prior to December 2014 Merry Walrus discovered Blue Crystal Puffles and pulled his sleigh with them. When the Merry Walrus Party started, members could adopt Blue Crystal Puffles after they completed the Merry Walrus quest.

In November 2015, Alien Puffles landed on the island, and could be adopted. Green Alien Puffles were the first type of Puffle Creature to be adoptable by non-member players. Alien Puffles were the first type of Puffle Creature, and the first type of any kind of Puffle, to come from outer space.


The old "Your Puffle Has Run Away" notice. Now, puffles will send a letter to the owner if they run away.

There are many different varieties of puffles to choose from, each with its own unique personality and traits. Over 40 puffles have been discovered with 36 adoptable ones. Members can adopt up to 75 puffles while non-members are restricted to only two (Red or Blue puffles). Non-Members may also adopt Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Orange and Brown puffles but only using the Treasure Book. If a member loses his or her membership, they will keep their puffles but will lose the right to interact with their Puffle Creatures. Because of this, all the Puffle Creatures are sent to the puffle backyard until the user becomes a Member and can interact with them again.

When you click on your puffle, three buttons will appear around it. These buttons can be used to interact with your puffle. The leash button will allow you to walk your puffle around. The comb button will bring your puffle's Puffle Card if you're in your igloo. The arrow button can be used to switch puffles from your igloo to your backyard. The comb button cannot be used on a Puffle Creature because Puffle Cards data for them do not exist. Because of this, you will have to take your Puffle Creature for a walk around the island to raise its stats. Common places to do this in are the Puffle Hotel rooms and the Puffle Park. If you're a non-member you cannot use any of the buttons on a Puffle Creature until membership is renewed. If you leave your puffle in your backyard, all of its stats will remain consistent until they are interacted with.


While walking your puffle, you will be able to use an icon on the Toolbar that allows your puffle to do seven tricks. You can have your puffle cuddle, speak, hop away, hop upside down, roll over, spin jump or dig treasure. Unlike the other tricks, your Puffle may only dig up treasure once every minute.


Not much is known about the puffles' language. Prior to 2012, puffles would usually make high-pitched squeaks, as seen in Puffle Roundup, various missions and Card-Jitsu power card animations. Sometime in 2012, Puffles started to speak using voices rather than squeaking. Puffles also seem to communicate with one another by using some sort of body language. In the book The Great Puffle Switch, it is revealed that puffles can speak the penguin language, although penguins cannot understand them.

Notable Puffles[edit]

Main article: List of Notable Puffles

While there are many puffles in Club Penguin, some have been made notable through recurring appearances. Some of these Puffles may be just for "decoration" such as the Boiler Room Keeper, Stage Keeper or Plok. Other puffles such as Yarr, Lolz or Darwin are walked around by their respective owners. Some Puffles such as Aunt Arctic's puffles, Pete or the Elite Puffles will sometimes be mentioned in the Club Penguin Times.



  • In Puffle Launch and Pufflescape, you can play with any puffle, although Gold, Rainbow and other Puffle Creatures are given different sprites during gameplay.
  • Sensei said once that he doesn't have puffles but he said that all puffles are his friends.

Sources and References[edit]