Puffle Tasks

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Puffle Tasks
When? Introduced at Puffle Party 2013
Reward Non-Member
Gourmet O'Berries

Puffle Groomer Outfit, Puffle Hotel Cap, Spa Towel, Rainbow Puffle

Members? No

Puffle Tasks are mini quests that were introduced at the Puffle Party 2013. After completing all of the Puffle Tasks, members can adopt the Rainbow Puffle. Players need to wait 8 hours between tasks.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Members only?
GourmetO'Berries.PNG Gourmet O'Berries No
PuffleTrainers.PNG Puffle Trainers Yes
PuffleGroomerOutfit.PNG Puffle Groomer Outfit Yes
PuffleHotelCap.PNG Puffle Hotel Cap Yes
SpaTowel.PNG Spa Towel Yes
PufflePartyLogin-RainbowPuffle.PNG Rainbow Puffle Yes


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