Puffle Paddle (Wii)

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Puffle Paddle

Players 4
Minigame Location Beach
Date released Sept. 17 - Australia, New Zealand

Sept. 21 - North America, Latin America Sept. 24 - UK

Stamps awarded Puffle Paddle stamp

Puffle Paddle is one of the numerous mini-games in Club Penguin: Game Day. The game is based on the online Fall Fair mini-game.


In the game, four players simultaneous try to keep their puffles in the air. Players can focus on their own puffle, simultaneously bounce neutral Black Puffles or Pink Puffles, or push away other player's puffles. In addition, player can grab power-ups or coins.


Power-ups are concealed inside a bubble that pops upon hitting any paddle. The power-up must hit the paddle again to be usable. Some puffles give extra coins and points.

List of Power-ups[edit]

  • Larger Paddle - enlarges the player's paddle, making it easier to catch puffles
  • Smaller Paddle - shrinks the player's paddle, making it harder
  • Anvil - has the same effect as dropping your puffle
  • Coin - gives the player five coins.

List of Other Puffles[edit]