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A box of Puffle-O's.

Puffle-O's are the main food of all puffles. Throughout Club Penguin there are many references to Puffle-O's. There was once a pin for the box of Puffle-O's. It's made of O-Berries. According to the back of the box, Puffle-O's contain apple sauce.


A green puffle eating Puffle-O's inside the box.
  • A box of Puffle-O's costs 10 coins back when the players could buy it from their igloo.
  • There was a green puffle at the Pet Shop, eating Puffle-O's inside a box.
  • There was a box of Puffle-O's in the Fall Fair game "Feed-a-Puffle".

Nutritional Value of Puffle-O's (in the box form)[edit]

The nutritional value of Puffle-O's.

Made From Locally Grown Organic Puffle-O Berries

Vitamin A - 5%
Vitamin B - 32%
Vitamin Sea (presumably vitamin C) - 21%
Iron - 6%
Magnesium - 80%
Plutonium - 0%
Dihydrogen monoxide (Water) - 13%
Do NOT use if pets are allergic to applesauce


  • Strangely, they're called "Puffle-O's" rather than "Puffle-Os", meaning they have an apostrophe ('), even though it's plural. This is because plural letters (like O) have -'s after them instead of just -s.
  • According to The Club Penguin Times Issue #244, Puffle-O's are "bitter and spicy" for penguins to eat.
A box of Puffle-O's pin.
  • Even though the newspaper said that Puffle O's are too spicy for penguins, they are PH's favorite food.
  • In the medieval party Purple and Gold Puffle-O's were used to make potions

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