Puffle Launch (application)

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Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch app logo.png
The app's icon.
Platform Mobile
Developer bE Haviour
Publisher Disney mobile
Rating 4+ (Apple's App Store)
ESRB Rated E.svg Everyone (ESRB)
Genre Action / Adventure
Date released September 15, 2011
For the online game, see Puffle Launch. For the free version of this app, see Puffle Launch Lite.

Puffle Launch was an application adaptation for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. It became available on September 15, 2011[1]. The app was officially removed for online purchase on July 2, 2013, but players who already had the app can continue to play it.


This project was seen in a leaked photo of the Club Penguin Team's calendar.

The information shown on the Mobile Apps section of Club Penguin is as follows:

"When the extreme puffle loses all his snacks to the cranky crab, he's got to blast into action to take them back.

Ready to settle the score? Go ahead, daredevil. Blast off and go get 'em!

Take on 24 high speed levels

Get back all the Puffle O's, dodge obstacles, and seize the fiery prize at the end of every level.

Earn & Transfer virtual coins to your clubpenguin.com account

Earn tons of virtual coins, and transfer them to your clubpenguin.com account on the computer!

Blast through the skies with touch controls

Use your multi touch skills to the extreme and blast the daredevil pet puffle through the skies to get the Puffle O's back!

Challenge the crab boss

Battle the cranky crab and his pesky mechanical claw. Counter his moves with some of your own.

Unlock 3 extreme modes

Take on Time Trial Mode, Turbo Mode, and replay all the levels in Slo-Mo."

Free Version[edit]

See main article: Puffle Launch Lite

On November 17, 2011, a free, or lite version of this app was released. However, it had only 6 levels rather than the 18 levels this app offered.



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